Let’s find the van that owns this mirror

An unfortunate story in The Record this morning about a hit-and-run that left a cyclist in serious condition.

via http://www.therecord.com, Mathew McCarthy

The vehicle and motorist left the scene of the accident but this mirror did not. The traffic investigator, Waterloo Regional Police Const. Rhea Spitzig narrowed down the vehicle to a General Motors minivan. If you see one that’s missing a passenger-side mirror, Spitzig wants to hear from you. Note the licence plate number and call the traffic office at 519-650-8500, ext. 8856 or 8793. Or email traffic@wrps.on.ca

I really dislike this stretch of road on University Avenue. It’s wide, straight, lacking bicycle lanes and has long ramps to and from the highway. Vehicles have higher speeds along this section and it feels like bicycles don’t belong. This stretch definitely needs to be redesigned for people, not just for vehicles.

4 thoughts on “Let’s find the van that owns this mirror

  1. There’s not a bridge over the highway in Waterloo that I like. University, Lexington, and Northfield all suck. Oh, and BTW stay on the sidewalk going under at King as well:-).

  2. The city of Waterloo really dropped the ball with Lexington. It’s the only expressway crossing they have any control over (every other one is MTO). They should have made it two lanes with protected cycling infrastructure when they proposed the road diet a while back.

  3. i Live just a bit East of that, near the plaza there and I used to ride a road bike, but after getting ‘SLAPPED’ few times by mirrors of other vehicles I decided to start driving on the sidewalk while I was still ALIVE to enjoy life. The problem is it is ILLEGAL to ride on the sidewalk when your wheels are over 21″ in diameter. So I gave my bike away to someone else and bought myself a folding bike with 20″ wheels, now I can ride in safety and not get $300 traffic tickets for illegally riding on the sidewalk. When I come to within two bus lengths of someone on the sidewalk, I drive my bike COMPLETELY OFF the sidewalk and onto the grass. If there is no grass then I just get off my bike and walk it until I have passed the pedestrian the sidewalk. I do this because that is the MORALLY RIGHT THING TO DO, since after all the sidewalks WERE DESIGNED FOR PEDESTRIANS, not bicyclists, so we need to do as much as possible to not trample over their rights to feel safe and secure while walking on a sidewalk. Just makes sense, just like staying off the busy freeways and roads just makes sense.

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