Road Rage Rant!

I won’t often use this forum to rant about rude drivers, but today is an exception!

I was riding along Lancaster Street, on my way to work yesterday morning. I was just past Union Street and going south. There is a single lane going in each direction. A bus had pulled over to pick up some passengers. Before I pulled out to go around him, I checked my mirror. The closest vehicle was over 100 metres back. When I was abut halfway passed the bus, a driver in a beat-up muscle car roared passed me, driving south in the north-bound lane. As he passed me, he blared his horn at me, and his passenger gave me the finger. Unfortunately, another vehicle turned right, from Ash Street onto Lancaster, right in front of the aggressive driver. He swerved to miss the oncoming car, which meant he swerved right at me. Fortunately, I saw it happening and hugged the bus, to avoid getting hit. I ended up being about a foot from the aggressive driver’s car and only inches from the bus. I’m glad the bus driver didn’t pick that moment to pull away from the curb!

When I could breathe again, I shook my fist at the smoke-belching car, which got me double barrelled fingers from both sides of the car. The driver also immediately turned right down Arnold Street and did a quick U-turn. I was unsure what he was about to do, but I popped up onto the sidewalk to avoid being in his path. The car pulled up beside me. Both the mullet-sporting driver and his classy, foul-mouthed woman screamed and swore at me for awhile. The gist of which was, that I don’t belong on the roads and I had no right to ride around the bus and almost cause them to get into an accident. Talk about blaming the victim! The questionably shorn driver had trouble being heard over his gap-toothed passenger, so he told her to shut up, before informing me that it was illegal for me to ride on the sidewalk. Neither of these Rhodes scholars seemed to understand the inherent idiocy of their comments. However, before I could explain the contradiction in their statements, the driver squealed away with his cylindrical filaments flowing in his self-created wind, while his aesthetically displeasing passenger once again proudly displayed her longest digit for me.

Thanks. Rant over.

21 thoughts on “Road Rage Rant!

  1. Doesn’t sound like the constituency likely to be looking forward to sharrows coming to King Street.

  2. Be careful out there. There are more idiots like this in the world then I care to imagine some days.

  3. Too bad you could not get a plate in this circumstance. Also, this is a sound argument in favour of a GoPro camera on the helmet. Glad you are ok.

  4. Is Waterloo Bikes really the forum for this, particularly the needlessly personal attacks like “gap-toothed passenger” and “questionably shorn driver”?

    I feel like the sarcasm and smugness (they weren’t Rhodes scholars, eh?) belongs on a personal blog, not here. Now, perhaps Waterloo Bikes _is_ just a personal blog, but I at least view it as something that’s trying to be an advocate for cycling in the region, not just two guys’ soapbox.

    That said, I feel your rage. :( Sucks to be powerless on the road with people who acknowledge neither the law nor the basic respect due to another human.

    1. Sorry that the personal nature of the post bothered you, Colin. The quotes you high-lighted were my attempt at humour. I chose to write sarcastically instead of angrily. I’ll try to keep things less smug in the future. Btw, I have gaps in my teeth, am certainly not a Rhodes scholar and can only dream of the days when I had enough hair for a mullet!

      1. Bahaha.. you’d be hard pressed to meet a nicer guy in Toronto than Derek Chadbourne. I wouldn’t take him too seriously. =)

  5. That stinks. Don’t let it stick in your brain. Easier said than done, I know. As to the cam on helmet thing, my experience is that motorists behave better in the first place and would be way less likely to harass like that if they saw it.

  6. I’m my experience stating clearly that “I’m writing down your license plate and I’m reporting you to the police” tends to end these discussions quite quickly.

    Whether you actually follow through on the threat is up to you.

  7. Go pro cams are a great idea. I have one on the handlebars..It’s a simple solution to the idiots out on the roads. Just say the viddie is being emailed to the police right now complete with your license plate right now. Do you anything further to add? with the cam pointing at the culprit. Unfortunately it doesn’t help if your prostrate on the pavement and the bike is crushed under a bus..

    1. Wow! I’m glad that didn’t happen to me! I’m glad my road rage friends didn’t pull any weapons on me! I don’t think me first reaction would have been to take them away. Maybe run away!

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