caught in the rain

Well the weather network did me in today. The rain wasn’t supposed to come until 4pm, however by 3.30pm, the time I pick up my daughter from school, it was pouring. Combine that with using a bike without fenders and you get this on your business causal pants.


The reason I had no fenders was the flat tire I got on my commuter bike. The crazy six bolt design nightmare that attaches my wheel to the frame makes changing a flat like open heart surgery.

That meant I had to use my fixie which was the only bike I had in working order (roadie hasn’t been cleaned up from last year, mountain bike had flat tires, wifes bike has missing spokes from my lame attempt to adjust the stops on the derailleur, and then my commuter has a flat.)

my fixie

I am not a fan of fixies, there’s no way to stop on a dime. I have pay close attention to predict traffic stops and I really avoid accelerating to make it through a light.

The reason I biked today was I wanted to stop by the anti-gmo rally outside MPP Peter Braid’s office in Waterloo at lunch. A number of farmers, and food groups had asked for the support of their eaters (that’s me) to help raise awareness that GM Alfalfa is soon to be ok’ed by Health Canada. CTV was there to catch the story.


4 thoughts on “caught in the rain

  1. I got halfway home and got caught in the downpour. Halfway for me means 7k still to go! Not too bad though, at least it wasn’t windy.

    I like your fixie! I’ve always wanted one, but never have the chance to buy one.

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