Tragic, cyclist succumbs to injuries after being hit by a train

Thoughts go out the friends, family and witnesses who rushed to help the cyclist who later died from his injuries after being struck by a train this afternoon.

The Record’s reporting that the cyclist succumbed to his injuries and also related a tragic story of the cyclist’s mistake and attempts by onlookers to warn and then help the cyclist after the collision.

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My own thoughts go to the many times I’ve taken advantage of the agile mobility of the bicycle to take short cuts. I’ve been hit twice, many close calls, no injuries – definitely lucky.

As Bill Bean at Take the Lane notices, this cyclist was a thoughtful, regular rider with rear rack, pannier, cable lock, fenders, a bell, bike light, side mirror and kickstand.

To all you cyclists be safe.

One thought on “Tragic, cyclist succumbs to injuries after being hit by a train

  1. Was saddened and infuriated by many of the unfeeling comments on The Record facebook page about this story. Every day I see people in cars on bikes and on foot do needlessly risky things. Ninety-nine times out a hundred where nothing happens. Then there’s the hundredth time. We all do it and then some of us feel the urge to disparage those who get caught out with comments like “Darwin Award winner” etc. Bah. Sometimes I really hate people.

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