Building with Bikes in Mind

We all get very excited when our city or region builds something with bikes in mind.  It might be something as elaborate as the “complete street” Waterloo turned Davenport Road into, or it might be something simple like Kitchener painting bike lanes on Margaret Avenue.  Heck, some days, I even get excited if I can find a nice place to lock my bike!

What about us, though?  Have you ever done any building with bikes in mind?  A few years ago, my wife and I built a sizeable addition on our house.  Outside of the foundation and the gas work, I did it myself, with the help of a few good friends.  We added a family room, a bathroom, a main floor laundry room, two bedrooms, a garage and a mud room.  I had a little conflict with the city about the support for the mudroom wall that is in the garage.  I wanted a hidden beam and they wanted a concrete wall with a dead space.  Fortunately, the building inspector, who oversaw the construction was reasonable and saw things my way.  I can store seven bikes under the mudroom and have easy access to them from the garage.  With a family of five, that’s not even enough bike storage, so we keep a few in the shed, as well.


The main floor of my house sits very high, so I wanted to make use of that height, for the bike storage.


How about you?  Have you ever built something with bikes in mind?  What does your bike storage look like?

Oh yeah, there is no room for a car in my garage, but there is storage for my other passion!