When will Disney make the movie BICYCLES

Over the last couple months I’ve watched Disney’s movie ‘Cars‘ a couple of times and have been shocked over the pro-car propaganda I witnessed and yet still found myself still liking the movie. I wonder how much the Big Three paid for that infomercial.

I couldn’t think of a single kids movie or show that cherished the bicycle.

Well tonight that changed.

My daughter brought home a book about a girl who wanted a pony for her birthday. (At first I wanted to kick the librarian in the nards. Who gives 5 year olds books about asking for ponies).

Well this story was an emotional roller coaster. From anger to tears, to choking back the last few pages. It’s called ‘Every Cowgirl needs a Horse’ by Rebecca Jani and it’s available on Amazon here.

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7 thoughts on “When will Disney make the movie BICYCLES

  1. Great book! And great advertising — they should be grateful! I will probably order this for friends and family with younger kids than mine.

  2. Hi Graham! Great blog and thanks for sharing all this info, great to know it is run out our neighbourhood! My next-door neighbour, Julie, was on your winter bike ride today and said she had fun!

    What is the title of the above book? I will try to get it for Zahra.

    1. It was called all ‘Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse’ … it was from the Elizabeth Ziegler Library so you don’t have to buy it :) …. and I’m sending you an author invite … so start thinking about some blog posts!

  3. The only ‘kids’ movie I could possibly think of where a bike was loved, would be Pee-Wee Hermen. He did love that bike!

    My only concern with books or movies that focus on bikes is that if not done properly, it will simply further the “bikes are a child’s toy” mentality.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing more adult oriented movies (ie. PG-13+) having adults ride bikes.

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