Bicycles – All things good about a city

Discussion on the design of bicycles for people. Designing a bike to be faster, lighter is not going to make much of a difference, designing a bike that people can use, that a person can buy in Mozambique and that gets a person out of their Mercedes well that is a bicycle.

2 thoughts on “Bicycles – All things good about a city

  1. There’s already a bicycle that everyone on this planet can afford, they still make them in India and China by the millions: Flying Pigeons which are Raleigh Clones, I forget what they call the Indian made version of it… Oddly enough I don’t need an engineer or a designer to start making them either.

    I also really wonder why people think that sending bicycles to other countries is somehow what those folks need… I dunno what anyone in Mozambique needs and I think it’s pretty presumptuous for some douchey designer to think that there isn’t already a perfectly fine answer to this problem.

  2. Admire your bullshit radar. By the way I’ve seen a Flying Pigeon in KW, owned and ridden by @gordtanner. I had asked him do a review for us but he’s got a real job at RIM or should I say some fruit company now.

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