Is it hard to get back on the bicycle?

Read a ‘it’s hard to get back on the bike‘ post and realized I’ve never been that nervous about riding my bike. I’ve been hit twice on my bicycle both were minor and my fault.

Was your first time back on the bicycle tough?

One thought on “Is it hard to get back on the bicycle?

  1. After thinking about this one, I’ve got two new thoughts and maybe a future blog post.

    1 – Every year I’m a bit nervous to head out to the region’s country roads on my road bike and dare vehicles to pass me at 80+km/hr. Once I’m out there, I love it.

    2 – I’m also a recreational caver. Back in the late nineties I took my future wife on a date caving. It was a ‘warm-up’ cave in Mono Cliffs. Needless to say we were climbing a chimney section. My future spouse was above me in a little room. I was below, there was a loose rock. Normally if it’s not broke don’t fix it. However this time I pulled this 5 pound rock out of the wall to above to find a better hold. The whole side of the cave slid down on us. Probably not a lot of rock, but when you’re in a tight space it doesn’t take much. My date screamed, about 100lb rock had slid onto the ankle of her boot pinning her. I lifted the rock which seemed lighter and now at about my waist as I was entering the chamber. It was kind of blocking my entrance so I tried to maneuver it down the shaft. When I did that I realized that the rock was far heavier than I expected, it started to tumble. I was lucky, only lost a finger nail – could have been a lot worse. I didn’t really cave for a good 4-5 years after that one. These guys are local professionals –

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