Waterloo Bikes – 2012 in review

It felt like a good time to check-in. It’s been a few months in between posts but even though I haven’t been blogging about cycling, I’ve still be using my bicycle to get around.

Shortly after the election series I got buried at work  and my desire to blog started wane. So I’ve ended up with a few months between posts. The break was good and I’ve got to thank Chris for keeping the blog going with a few posts!

If you’re interested check out what the WordPress.com stats monkeys prepared as a 2012 annual report for this blog.

I’ve got a few ideas percolating for the first few months of 2013:

  • Something on drinking and cycling based on a Niagara Wine tour I did during last summer. Our bicycle tour guide stated it wasn’t illegal to drink and bicycle, but I have my doubts.
  • An updated review on my Trek Soho now that it’s been Amsterdamized
  • A post on my journey from a gore-tex’ed commuter to a un-helmeted fashionista

When I thought about my favourite photo this year it was from Waterloo’s Bike and Shine, a 1899 beauty featuring rear suspension from Backpeddling.

an 1899 beauty

2 thoughts on “Waterloo Bikes – 2012 in review

  1. The ride from Waterloo to the Grand River Brewery makes for a nice little day trip. From there I’d ride to the Woolwich Arms in Guelph to get some more local brews. There’s also a winery just north of Guelph too that makes a lot of nice things called Cox Creek Winery. I dunno where I’d head after that on a local drinks tour… depends on time I guess.

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