Child seat on a Bicycle – Medieval Faire Waterloo Park

I really hope someone was transporting a child’s seat by bicycle and that this wasn’t used to transport a child.

9 thoughts on “Child seat on a Bicycle – Medieval Faire Waterloo Park

  1. Ooch. I hope so too. That pillow makes me wonder if the seat was used by somebody though… if so, maybe it was just a goofy grownup. That’s what I’m goin’ with.

    1. Right and I wonder who gets to use the helmet? The helmet is the most confusing aspect of this equation … unless the helmet is worn out of habit rather than a purposeful safety atire.

  2. I saw a guy strapping a giant square floor fan to a bike just like that last week. I’m guessing (hoping) it’s just furniture on its way home. That being said, the pillow confuses me. I guess I’m now hoping it’s an adult on the back… Seeing stuff like that makes me wonder how we’re not extinct.

  3. I’d ride that if I was a kid… totally fine for booting around the park and quiet neighbourhoods. My brother and I shared a bike when we were kids by riding on the rack so this is high comfort in my mind.

  4. I have seen this parent/child combo riding around my neighbourhood.
    I think it’s amazing! I’m sure they’re not idiots and well aware of the risk, so obviously okay with any consequence.

  5. As always, it is all about where and how fast, right? When I think about it, the risks here aren’t much greater than with a purpose-built child seat. I think. Maybe.

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