Tracey Weiler CPO Candidate – Waterloo Kitchener Byelection

Tracey Weiler our riding’s Conservative Party of Ontario candidate provided a response to our to questions. Thank you Dan for forwarding the response.

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———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Dan Powers <>
Date: Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 5:16 PM
Subject: RE: Your Questions for the Tracey Weiler Campaign

Hi Graham,

Thank you very much for your questions. Tracey has been knocking on hundreds of doors and meeting thousands of Kitchener-Waterloo residents over the course of this campaign. Because of her busy schedule, I’m afraid we will be unable to photograph Tracey with her bicycle as you requested.

I can tell you that Tracey is an avid biker. For her, cycling is an activity shared with family, and the two most important people in Tracey’s life: her young daughters. If she has the honour of serving as our MPP, Tracey will be an enthusiastic supporter of cycling in our region.

Thank you for your email and I hope you and your readers consider voting for Tracey in an advance poll or on September 6th.

All the best,

Dan Powers

Director of Communications

Tracey Weiler Campaign for Kitchener-Waterloo

8 thoughts on “Tracey Weiler CPO Candidate – Waterloo Kitchener Byelection

  1. I’m a bit surprised in general. I know her..I worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Toronto at the same time she was at the firm: she started her career after university before her MBA studies at Waterloo.

    So I am aware of her style. I will say this: her former manager (and probably one of her mentors if you asked her..) has been an avid cyclist or became an avid cyclist after Weiler moved to K-W (and I off to Vancouver) left the firm.

    Life is full of surprises.

    Tracy: If you are reading this: cycling with your children is a wonderful option and undoubtedly a great destressor, if not also a voter-friendly way of handing out your campaign literature enroute. Be daring. :D

  2. “For her, cycling is an activity shared with family”
    Translation: Cycling is a recreational activity to enjoy with the kids after work and school.

    In her defence few politicians actually do cycle (majority of the year) to work or stores.
    Other then Mike Layton, Vancouver’s mayor and a councillor in Vancouver (Meggs I believe), cycling is a recreational thing to do in the dead of summer for politicians. And that is stretching it. Most probably don’t even have one laying around.

    Big reason why a strip of paint is consider ‘bicycle infrastructure’ by so many of our politicians in this country.

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