Byelection Candidates answer WaterlooBikes Questions

Kitchener Waterloo byelection candidates Stacey Danckert, Eric Davis, Catherine Fife and Tracey Weiler all addressed our questions in some manner (ordered in speed of response).

I was hoping cycling would have been more of an issue in this byelection especially since a cyclist’s death in our riding was one of the catalysts of the recent coroner’s report on cycling deaths in Ontario.

The important thing is to get out and vote, making your own decision!

Candidate Responses:

  • Stacey Danckert GPO was the first to respond and provided a personal in depth response. Stacey was the only candidate to provide a picture of her bicycle and even responded to the questions before I started hounding the candidates for answers.
  • Eric Davis’s campaign was the next to respond.
  • Tracey Weiler’s campaign responded here.
  • Catherine Fife responded via Twitter, I’m still hoping she’ll actually address the questions with a more in depth answer.

Summary of our questions:

  • How often  do you ride your bicycle? If you do, why do you ride?
  • What are the top improvements needed in this riding to make bicycling better?
  • Which of the recommendations in the coroners report caught your attention and why?
  • How will you advocate on behalf of this riding’s cyclists at Queen’s Park?

Some additional questions from our readers:

  • Where’s the Ontario version of la route verte? Closely related to where is our provincial master cycling plan?
  • Will you commit to re-introducing the Sales Tax exemption for bicycles costing under $1000, and for bicycle safety equipment, in the form of partial HST exemption?