Catherine Fife NDP Candidate Kitchener Waterloo Byelection

Catherine Fife our ridings New Democratic Party of Ontario candidate provided a brief response to our to questions. We would love a more detailed response.

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Graham Roe @roezone 23 Aug 12

@CFifeKW We have a few questions about your plans to support cycling at Queens Park

@roezone MPP @jonahschien has called for release of province wide cycling strategy. It is needed to improve cyclist safety

7 thoughts on “Catherine Fife NDP Candidate Kitchener Waterloo Byelection

  1. The responses (or lack there of) seems to be from the same parties I have a hard time from as well.

    Greens and Liberals have always responded to me.
    NDP tends to give short answers which never help (or not respond at all).
    PC’s simply never respond. I’ve contacted them the most and haven’t received ANY single response…Though in fairness, despite Hudak’s stance against helmet laws, I could never vote PC with him as leader.

    When I contacted Mike Schreiner about the corner’s report, he was far more interested in ‘complete streets’ then anything else. Good to see the GPO candidate in K-W feels the same.
    The KW GPO candidate does come off as far more sincere when it comes to cycling. I can’t say the Liberal came off the same way (though at least he responded).

    If I’m voting purely on cycling, and cycling alone — the Greens would have my vote easily.

    1. The NDP provides short answers because they usually don’t know the answer. They may have an idea, but their ideas are usually not very thoughtful. PC is too softcore conservative to elicit a response from true conservative voters. The choice between McGuinty and Hudak is not really a choice at all. The Liberal party has had too much time behind the helm to be relevant anymore. Times change, the Liberal party stays the same.
      As for the Greens, their brand of socialism is based in environmental righteousness, which is to say they are a one-issue party.
      Personally, I prefer the parties that advocate for much smaller government in the provincial elections: Libertarian or Freedom parties. They don’t have a specific stance on cycling, but their stance on personal rights can be construed to mean that all people have the right to use public infrastructure, regardless of what mode they choose.

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