First Uptown Bike & Shine was a blast

The first annual Uptown bicycle Show and Shine was a blast.  A diverse crowd of bikes and every owner had a great story to share about their bicycle.

A few shops from the area were present; the kind host was King Street Cycles, Eastside Cycles, The Fix and Backpeddling. They were all laid back and their love for all things bicycle was on display. You can’t help but admire their passion.

I wish there had been a place for commuting, there were a number of classic cruisers but the commuter was not one of the bicycles being celebrated on this night. My preference would have been to include a number of other categories that would demonstrate what’s possible with the bicycle, perhaps a utilitarian bike and shine. Bicycles that go 365 days of the year, winter bicycles, touring bikes, commuters, haulers (kids and or stuff), cargo bikes, kids bikes and children bike carriers. Provide a space where the causal cyclist can learn about how they can push the limits on their perception of what they can do by bicycle. Perhaps that’s a different show.

Here’s a bunch pictures from the night. Again it was fabulous evening and a great use of the public square.


When I got to the square these were the first bicycles that caught my attention. (Secretly I covet a beach cruiser.)

A really nice gentleman beside me had four classic bicycles out for display, he too was a fan of the upright bicycle.

Smaller bicycles were also out to the show and shine and their owners were very proud of their bikes.

The KW Bike Polo club was out displaying their bikes and also put a brief demo. They were sporting their BIKEaPOLOoza event t-shirts about our home town tournament October 21 & 23.

Next up was a couple Andy’s classic bikes (owner of King Street Cycles).

This was definitely the brightest bike and I’ve become a huge fan of the Fat Franks.

Some of the typical bicycles at the show.

Three bikes from The Fix. The rear bike named Ghost won a prize for the road bike category. The owner Kyle is in the background.

The crew of bikes from our neighbourhood. The Amsterdam with the extra-cycle made an appearance.

On patrol, volunteering for over 30 years. His bike definitely had the most gear.

My favourite and probably over all show winner is an 1899 bicycle made in Toronto, wooden rims, rear suspension and an adjustable handle bar. It was brought by Clayton, owner of Backpeddling.

One lone recumbent. I really want to gain some experience on these. They look so comfortable.

Towards the end Michael (@psystenance) showed up with what would have won the best commuter category with his Dutch bike.

And I almost forgot I was showing the changes to my Trek Soho, it’s now the AnSo (either  anti Trek or the answer in my search for a commuter). I ‘amsterdamized’ my straight bar commuter which was still too much of a sport bike into more of a classic upright bicycle (refer to this link the ‘before’ pic).

Oh and then we rode home. (This is my favourite pic) …  :)

4 thoughts on “First Uptown Bike & Shine was a blast

  1. Great stuff Graham! Wish I could have been there. Any pics of any awesome road bikes?

    1. There were two awesome road fixies from The Fix that are in the ‘long’ list of pictures. I also have a classic track road bike that has wooden rims (I’ll add that to the post). For some reason I’m not all that impressed with shinny road / mountain bikes these days. That being said one of the guys from Eastside cycles had this downhill mountainbike where he hand crafted steering dampening and also customized his headset so it could take some big drops with an extra set of bearings to handle the impacts … this thing was a beast (50lbs). I didn’t get a pic unfortunately :)

  2. I totally forgot to go, but I’d have brought my black touring/long distance rig out I think… it’s got a fancy new german dynamo lighting system and a all kinds of other dorky stuff like full coverage fenders and a frame pump… old school ideas all on an aluminum frame with a carbon fork. It’s also got a carbon fibre cast over a cracked chainstay so it’s not the prettiest rig out there.

    I have a 1910s or 20s frame that I need to take to Clayton to see about parts for it… the crank is welded to the spindle so I’ll have to do some serious work on it… picked it up at that Brantford show for 75$… I want to build wood wheels for it if it ever gets to rideable condition. Those wooden grips on the 1899 bike look perfect.

    I hope they do it next year…

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