Any park and ride suggestions?

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Hello, I have a question about cycling in Waterloo.  I just finished posing this question to both cities of Kitchener and Waterloo. I’d love to use my bike to commute to where I work in the north-end of Waterloo – but, I live out of the city so riding the whole way from home wouldn’t really be possible. Are there any places (similar to a carpool lot) where I could leave my car and bike the remainder of the way? My workplace has free parking so it’d be harder to swallow if I had to pay a fee like $5 or $10 a day to park my car. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated :) Thanks, B

Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Any park and ride suggestions?

  1. I guess we’d need more info. How far north is work? And which direction are they coming from? And how far do they want to bike? I’m sure you could park at the mall all day without any trouble.

  2. If they’re coming from the south, park at Fairview mall and bike from there. If that’s too far, park at the corner of Courtland and Stirling and take the Iron-Horse.

    If they’re coming from the west, park at the Walmart on Ira Needles, or another retailer.

    If they’re coming from the east, park at Bingemans.

    If they’re coming from the north, Conestoga Mall, although that one is a bit self-defeating since it’s already in North Waterloo.

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