I’m in Love: Extra Cycled Electra Amsterdam Review

The Waterloo Jazz Festival was this weekend, it’s all about sultry soul felt improvisation that’s straight from the heart.

That’s exactly how I’d describe my good friend’s bike the Electra Amsterdam complete with an extra cycle that’s accessorized with a custom deck. As soon as I started riding this bicycle I realized this was a special moment: it was the first time I’ve ridden a comfort bicycle since my all-things-bicycle awakening two years ago.

I know I borrowed many a comfort bicycle while living in Badhoevedorp and Hoofddorp in the late ’80s but I didn’t have an appreciation of them, in fact most of the time I proudly rode my imported Raleigh Big Horn.

The ride was effortless and smooth, I’m guessing the fat frank tires had a lot to do with that. I really liked the switch to an upright riding position. It was so comfortable to look around, I can see why it’s a safer riding position.

After today’s cruise down the Iron Horse trail from Union to a loop around Victoria Park, I want to ride nothing else.


Now the weekend wasn’t only about a ride on the Electra it started off with putting some new tires on the old mountain bike for a touring ride with the family.

After getting the tires on we were off to Sabletin to add to brunch at the rendezvous point.

Then it was supposed to be a quick snack before a group ride.

The bikes were piling up in the driveway.

Unfortunately the brunch was far too good. The backyard far too friendly. The group ride was missed, but our family still had a great ride.

The shaded trails around conservation lake were great on a hot day.

Our first attempt at a picnic was shortened as we lost one rider who missed the turn.

But we found the missing rider on our second attempt.

Met a boy on the way back at Columbia Lake who had caught a Garter snake.  Cycling is so social!

Picked up some groceries at the Valu-Mart at Waterloo Town Square before heading back to our starting point for a pre-Jazz BBQ.

Then we ended our evening at the Jazz Festival with Holly Cole.

7 thoughts on “I’m in Love: Extra Cycled Electra Amsterdam Review

  1. i love the look of that bike! (don’t know enough about bikes to comment on anything else, haha) but wow, i’d love to ride that too someday!

  2. Big tires are where it’s at. I want to get a pair of fat franks for a project. I have a pair of 700×50 continental retrorides I might end up selling since they are too wide for a lot of the frames I have… gotta check one on the porch… tire clearance on a lot of modern bikes is pretty slim.

    My winter bike is pretty comfort in design, though it does have drop bars, it’s still a super-plush ride… and the drum brakes and dynamo really help too… it’s a bit small for me so I might end up changing the frame to something uglier. I can still motor on the wider tires too, but they are only 700×38 I think… and me “motoring” might not be all that fast, really.

    Oh, and that’s a garter snake. ;)

    1. Thanks for the typo. I remember typing garter but thinking that’s weird. Post updated (also included our link to fat frank tires).

      Nice bicycle! I’ve been seeing Peugeot’s all over K-W the last week or two. Last months critical mass ride a rider had a nice looking orange Peugeot Mixte that has some really nice old school time trial bars (I’m not sure of the right name for those).

      1. bullhorn bars? hard to say, so many bars bent so many ways with so many different names…

  3. As someone who has ridden a bike with upright handlebars, but recently built a new one with drop bars, I really appreciate the drop bars in the wind. I think I’ll keep both and check the prevailing winds before choosing which bike to ride each morning. It’ll make me feel a little like a sailor.

    Graham, when you say “Conservation Lake”, do you mean the Laurel Creek Conservation Area’s Reservoir? How are the trails around there? They look well groomed in the photo. Are they extensive? Thanks for a fun article.

  4. Wow I love that bike!
    I wonder how much easier it would be to ride in the winter with tires like that.

    Sitting upright makes a world of difference in comfort! JC does make a good point with the wind — however I’m usually not going fast for the wind to make much of a difference.
    My last bike and current, I swapped handlebars so I could sit upright. It’s pretty much the only way I can ride now (unless I’m in a hurry, then I hop on my fast mountain bike where I lean forward).

    Your bike stand (in the 3rd picture)…Did you make that or buy it? With all the work I do on bikes I don’t know why I haven’t built something similar yet!

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