When is the City of Waterloo going to paint our Bike Box Green? (like Ottawa’s)

Ottawa just announced the completion of Ontario’s first bike box! Well I was quick to correct, proudly announcing that Waterloo’s Bike Box is just celebrating it’s first birthday.

But maybe not so fast. As I was re-reading the WaterlooBikes article, Rob stated that city of Waterloo officials promised that the bike box would be painted ‘soon’.

So when is soon?

City of Waterloo, when are you going to finish our Bike Box? Perhaps Ottawa’s right. They do have Ontario’s first <finished> bike box!

Articles on the Bike Box:

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7 thoughts on “When is the City of Waterloo going to paint our Bike Box Green? (like Ottawa’s)

  1. I would imagine if there are difficulties getting it painted initially, the region probably won’t re-paint it when the paint begins to fade.
    I’ve seen some pictures bike boxes that were not maintained and they look weird. Black of the pavement with patches of green (or blue).

    Every year (sometimes twice) St. Catharines repaints the bike lane lines. The bike lane outside my house was repainted two days ago — all nice and bright!

  2. The City of Waterloo doesn’t deserve that stupid bike friendly award they won a few years back. The busiest cycle path in the city still isn’t paved through Waterloo Park, they caved on making one solitary, safe crossing point of the expressway and their path network is as haphazardly connected as any other city in the region, perhaps moreso. They can’t even take care of their short stretch of the Iron Horse trail. I find Waterloo has the smugness but nothing to actually be smug about when it comes to actually being a smart and progressive city.

    1. IMO the whole bike friendly awards for Ontario is a bunch of BS anyways. It only applies to cities that put forward their names as far as a I know.

      Can people honestly tell me (with a straight face) that places such as; Ajax, London, Mississauga, Oakville, Oshawa or Richmond Hill are even remotely bike friendly?
      On Money Sense’s rankings for walking/cycling — all those GTA cities rank dead last.

      I’ve cycled in Welland — it is quite nice for cycling, except the majority of roads have no bike lanes, high speed limits and suicidal drivers.

      Toronto has the cyclists — but what else? Infrastructure is an utter joke.

      I should convince the city of St. Catharines to put forward their name next time ’round…By default they should receive a silver — based solely on who received a bronze.

    2. I wrote to the park about paving the path, and the staff seemed to think it was a great idea, since they have to keep it clear of snow in the winter – way easier with pavement. As it turns out, the decision not to pave with was largely made by something called the Waterloo Park Advisory Committee, which (I believe) is made up mostly of unpaid volunteers. Perhaps you can get yourself on the committee?

      Anyway, they are also now interested in paving it, but since the light rail is going to pass through there, they are waiting until that has been designed before they make any changes.

      I agree with you that it’s ridiculous to have a major commuter trail unpaved (especially when the pedestrian paths around the game farm *are* paved!). And the bike lane “network” is so incomplete that it isn’t really functional. The only thing I’ve seen that impresses me about the city is the Complete Streets mandate for all future construction. We’ll see if they stick to it or not, but so far, I think they’re doing a pretty good job. Still way too early to be self-congratulatory, but at least they are headed in the right direction. You can’t say that about many cities around.

  3. That bike box in Waterloo is at the end of the ‘bike lane that goes nowhere’. I applaud the city’s efforts to build complete streets, but that location seems pretty random. Does anyone ever use the bike box? Maybe the city realized that it’s useless for the time being and didn’t want to spend more money painting it. When Lexington gets rebuilt and has bike lanes added, it will probably be a lot more useful.

  4. Ironically, a bike box does make sense at that intersection: only, put it on Lexington eastbound. There’s measurable cycle traffic turning left from that direction. Almost all Davenport cycle traffic turns right towards the highway, not left, which makes the bike box pointless.

    Worse than pointless, actually: if you’re going to experiment with something at a bad location, you’ll make decisions on bad data.

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