Artist / Landscaper rides a bicycle

A few days ago I was walking home for lunch and noticed a landscaper who hauled his tools around by bike. Of course I had to stop and ask if I could take a few pictures to post on WaterlooBikes :)

Robert Achtemichuk is not only a beautiful landscaper but is also an extraordinary artist. (check out more of his works here).

© Robert Achtemichuk

If you’re looking for a landscaper or an artist, particularly one who rides a bicycle you can contact Robert at 1.519.745.4563 or via email at

I remember our parting conversation because it kind of haunts me. As I left Robert said he sometimes feels ‘third world’ because he hauls his tools around by bike.  I’ve felt that way before and I’m sure that pang has been felt by many a cyclist.

My wish is that all bicycle riders would feel rich:

    • Rich because they are not limited by asphalt or gravel roads
    • Rich because they can travel sustainably
    • Rich because they are using human powered transportation.
    • Rich because they can feel the wind in their hair.
    • Rich because they can have a full conversation with a complete stranger while on route.
    • and by rich I mean peaceful contentedness

8 thoughts on “Artist / Landscaper rides a bicycle

  1. I think the bicycle is a fantastic device. Who would have thought an idea 200 years old would still be a benefit to us all? Something that saves so much money should really be promoted to a far higher extent imo.

  2. Anyone feeling poor because they ride a bike should spend some time in Amsterdam. The Dutch have plenty of money and still do most things by bicycle. It’s only the crappy attitudes of North Americans that need to change.

  3. Robert might not be rich, but he is certainly not poor – he is an amazing landscape artist in all senses of the word – and a couple of weekends ago he won the excellence award at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (by the way, that is my front yard he was working in – with a sculpture by local artist Nicholas Rees).

  4. First time I heard of a landscaper going by bike was in Montreal a few years ago (more of a small company mind you). Tried to see if they were still around but can’t find the name or link to them.
    Brilliant idea still!

    As for feeling ‘third world’. I can’t say I’ve felt third world in anything but poor bicycle infrastructure. Sure you hear/read (usually on the radio or comment section of news websites) people saying “cyclists are poor”. Just a myth to make car ownership make you seem like someone…How many people actually OWN their cars anyways? Most are stuck paying them off for years and get no value in the end.

  5. One of the things I enjoy about coming and leaving with a bicycle is that it is quiet. As you see I carry no power tools. I do use them regularly but I can spend a session at a garden without them. This week I had a robin following me very closely as I removed grass ahead of planting some thyme later in the season.

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