Vintage Bike Show – Anyone go?

I was browsing the web pages of my favourite, ‘sort-of-local’ bike store – Backpeddling in Guelph and came across this ad for a vintage bike show. Has anyone been to this show or one like it? If so, what’s it like? I’m putting it on my calendar for next year :)

7 thoughts on “Vintage Bike Show – Anyone go?

  1. I was there… should have brought my camera because there were a lot of interesting bikes there. I bought a frame from the early 1920s, it’s in really rough shape… someone welded the crank onto the BB spindle, and one of the dropouts is broken too. It’s a cleveland bicycle, made by CCM during this time I think. It’s worth the 5$ to get in,

    Also worth noting, there is another show in Toronto has all the info and some wicked posters. I am not sure if I am gonna ride to Toronto or not for this show… it would save me from buying more bicycles.

    1. Clasher you rock – I’m in. I’m not sure about biking there but I’ll drive or take the train with a bike. What are prices like at these kind of events. Also what about bike assesories? I’m looking at converting my trek soho into a comfort, upright bike. Awesome.

  2. Prices are all over the map… I snagged a sweet old suntour derailleur for a buck ‘cos it was missing a pulley. There were frames and bikes going for way more money and some rusted crap that was going for way too much money… most people seemed to want offers and then haggle over the price… depends. The Brantford show was mostly old cruisers and the like… I think the Toronto show will be more stuff from 60s and newer rather than pre-war stuff but who knows… I think this is the first year for the Toronto show.

    1. I knew I had something on the July 29th … That’s our hillside day in guelph. Another great event that’ll have to wait for another year.

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