Who’s up for Critical Mass today – Waterloo Park Bandshell 4.45pm

Who’s up for critical mass today? If you are, I’ll see you around 4.45pm at the Waterloo Park Bandshell (Friday July 29 2012).

I’ll be sporting my new nutcase watermelen helmet. After my participation on @talklocalwr and hearing primarily Tim Kenyon’s view my take has slightly altered to ‘I shouldn’t need a helmet, but unfortunately there are places on our roads where it is dangerous.’ We’ve been pushed onto the gutters in our communities and until that changes our pathways are filled with unpredicable hazards. When I’m biking short distances or on routes that I deem safe I’ll still drop the helmet (primarily if I’m tooting around the cores of Kitchener and Waterloo). But longer rides or commutes there’s no escaping the dangers on our roads. I am in now way endorsing mandatory helmet laws, cause we need to push to solve the problem of cycling’s hazards by building safe infrastructure.  Helmets are not the answer, hardly even a bandaid. (Note – I cling to the notion that my opinion could change again tomorrow.)

8 thoughts on “Who’s up for Critical Mass today – Waterloo Park Bandshell 4.45pm

  1. I really enjoyed that video!
    At the beginning the two issues with the cops — I would argue the biggest threat to cyclists on the roads of St. Catharines are the local cops. I’ve been stopped twice and questioned what I had in my bags. I found out recently I’m in their ‘database’ as difficult (I suppose because when I was asked why I had a camera, I shouldn’t have said to take pictures:P )

    Someone I know was pulled over last night, also questioned about what they were doing and what they had in their side basket….Empty bags (reusable shopping bags), cops found it suspicious and kept pressing him until they took down his info…Mind you same thing happens with motorists and pedestrians as well. NRP have a long history of corruption.

    Critical Mass was tried here. I think it lasted a month or two…Actually it might still take place but I hear nothing about it.

    Hope you have fun!

    1. It was fun! For the four of us :)

      That was my first critical mass ride and now I’m hooked! The four of us had a really great conversation, something that never could have happened if we had been in four cars :)

      Like a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t busy at all, lots of folks have already left town for the long weekend (the fate of a land locked town). We had a police escort for about a quarter of the ride, probably more by accident than anything else.

      We should be able to do better than four. Even the Ziggy guy who sold me my defective bike made fun of K-Dub’s critical mass numbers today :)

      1. The main reason I love summer is because people tend to leave the city! Also helps when school is out. No more school buses or parents racing their kids in!

        “(the fate of a land locked town)”
        What I’d give for that! I’m about a 2 minute bike ride from Lake Ontario, live on the main route in and out of the little port village where people flock to (and where fireworks take place) so traffic is busy all year, and pretty well at all hours.
        Only good news is it’s also one of the busiest and most used roads for bicycles in the city!

        You’re bringing back memories of K-W with Ziggy’s. I think we moved to St Catharines when I was 1 or 2, so Ziggy’s was only open for 3 years or so but fairly big already.

        My Dad told me my brothers use to love riding down Bechtel Dr…They would pick up a lot of speed there! (we lived on Pioneer Dr). Other then that, my Dad was the only one who rode a bike.
        Happy to also say the first time I was ever on a bike was when we lived in Kitchener (http://tinyurl.com/7eqzjzo)

        I remember when I was younger and my family would go to K-W for a weekend, my favourite spot to go was the lookout at Home Watson Park (According to Streetview on Wilson Ave). Most of my memories there, it didn’t include a fence mind you :p

        Just curious but is SportsWorld still kicking about? I remember going there once.

  2. Hey, I saw you guys. I was driving to the hospital and I see 4 crazy bikers riding down the middle of King St. Recognized the helmet, but didn’t realize it was a critical mass event. Rock on! Maybe I’ll be able to join you next time.

  3. Nutcase does some great helmet designs but the watermelon one always reminds me of those TV PSAs to promote seatbelt use. I can’t seem to find the PSA online but it had slow motion footage of watermelons hitting the road at high speed. There was an idea that it’s safer not to wear a seatbelt as one would be “thrown clear” of a crash. This was meant to dispel that.
    Anyway, I always think of that when I see the watermelon helmet. Hopefully someday it won’t happen and I’ll just think of watermelons being yummy on a hot day.

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