Video: Bike2work Challenge in Waterloo Region wraps up

Inspiring video wrapping up the bike2work challenge here in Waterloo Region.

Message to the participants: YOU CAN BIKE IN THE WINTER!

Winter cycling is no big deal, go for it!

2 thoughts on “Video: Bike2work Challenge in Waterloo Region wraps up

  1. ++1 on the winter thing… it really isn’t all that different and when it is, it’s totally fun. Nice to see people appreciating the benefits.

  2. Great video!

    Agreed with winter riding…Last year in St. Catharines we had one (yes 1) day where there was snow on the ground. Even in “typical” (although what’s typical anymore) winter, it can be done.

    I recall a few winters ago, either Waterloo or London (perhaps both) had a cop come out publicly and say bikes shouldn’t be allowed in the winter.

    For an upcoming post I’m working on (won’t be flattering for St. Catharines), I’ll have to post a link to this posting.

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