Ontario Coroner’s Cycling Report on @talklocalwr

It was a fun interview, hosted by Hayley Zimak, and the four interviewees (me, Andrew Butters, Duncan Clemens and Tim Kenyon) had great conversations before, during and after the live show (@talklockwr).

I won’t be quitting my day job any time soon. Folks with Live TV potential don’t conclude their interviews with ‘oops I lost my train of thought’ :)   It was fun to do something new, meet some interesting people, take a twitter conversation to live TV and most of all talk passionately about cycling.

The interesting thing was we all agreed (except for the coroner) that the best part of the report was the complete street recommendation; advocating connected cycling lanes, separated bike lanes, bike paths and designated community safety zones with reduced max speeds.

I haven’t seen the show yet, hoping my neighbours pvr worked :)  If anyone did watch, what did you think? I’d love to get some feedback on what you liked, what you thought could be better and what you thought ‘never do that again’ :)

Trip Report (Uptown to Rogers TV in Kitchener – map):

I was surprised how direct the route was and most of it was either trail or calm residential streets. The section of the iron horse trail between Queen and Mill street has been repaved and it is a smooth black ribbon that’s about a foot wider. It’s fantastic!

I had a first, in that I rode over a ground hog that darted across the trail that runs along courtland near the golf course. I felt guilty for not stopping. I turned around and noticed it was dragging its rear leg as it scampered into brush along the road. Sorry little ground hog, but thanking my lucky stars that I didn’t lose control … and bump my head :)

On the trail between Manitou and Wabanaki there was a tree down and I ended up bending my chain gard following @dunkalunk through the brush (it bent back easily enough).

3 thoughts on “Ontario Coroner’s Cycling Report on @talklocalwr

  1. If you’re ever heading to South Kitchener there are a couple of other options, my favourite is to use the pedestrian bridge near Rockway High School… here’s a route that trail through Homer Watson Park is actually getting some upgrades this year, I think. It’s a bit of a climb up a hill to this bridge though, but I think it’s worth it.

  2. Thanks Clasher! Love getting these suggestions. We have such a maze of cycling paths, there’s no way any one person can figure these routes out and google’s bike option is usually the worst but a good start. I’ll try this bridge on my next trip down here.

    What’s crazy is I used to work on Ardelt at Brock Solutions and I always biked along Homer Watson, which is a pyscho road for cyclists.

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