Ryan: Anyone seen this bike, it’s stolen

Unfortunately many of us cyclists have suffered this fate at one time or another. Ryan who I worked with back in my Agfa days reached out and was wondering if we could do a shout out regarding his ‘2 month old’ 2012 Kona Cinder Cone.

2 months = total bummer

What have you done to get a stolen bike returned?

Here’s Ryan’s description ( I hope you get your bike back):

The bike was stolen from UW campus, in front of Engineering 5 on the evening of May 30th, some time between 7pm and 9:30pm. It was locked, and I removed the seat like I always do. In addition, I had just gotten a flat prior to locking it up, so the bike was taken with a flat, no seat, and while locked. (Clearly this was somebody who knew the value of the bike.) There have also been several other thefts of high-value bikes on campus recently, so I’m guessing find one, find them all. So if anybody sees a blue Cinder Cone, white forks, that doesn’t have the original (white) seat, it’s likely mine. I’ve notified all the bike shops in town to look out for such a bike, but obviously if the thief doesn’t bring it in, not much else they can do.

Sure thing! I can also be contacted by text/phone at 519-588-8614 (since that might be more convenient for people). If not, ryan@mahler.ca works as well.

Thanks Graham! Hopefully by getting the word out there, I can eventually get it back…

Ryan’s Cinder Cone won’t have the stock seat on it.


Good luck Ryan, hope you get your bike back!

19 thoughts on “Ryan: Anyone seen this bike, it’s stolen

  1. My friend and I both had out bikes stolen from on campus within a week of eachother. As far as I can tell, UW police aren’t doing a thing about this. UW needs to set up better bike parking facilities – as it stands, they’re just allowing this to happen.

    1. According to ads on Kijiji, this is the third >1000$ bike stolen in the past few weeks (a Kona Bear and a Norco Manik were the others). While it is a problem, you are correct – not seeing much being done about it, unfortunately ):

    1. Hi Octavian,
      Yep, filed the night of. I’ve also been constantly refreshing all three of those every couple of hours, hoping to catch it (and my phone, which was stolen earlier last month, but that’s a different story).

  2. It’s likely on its way to Toronto where it’ll sell for more money and less likely to be tracked down. UW is the worst place in Waterloo to leave a bike locked up, if it doesn’t get stolen drunk frat boys will kick in the rims. The bus terminal is the worst place in Kitchener to get a bike stolen too.

  3. Yes, UW definitely needs better bike parking facilities. As a faculty member at UW, I’d like to work on that in a couple of years, as I get suckered into being on more committees. Something that can help at least grad students is the ability to bring a bike indoors; I was visiting Berkeley and that was very helpful. It’s sure better than building more parking spots for cars.

  4. Its a shame,

    It was my Norco Manik which I had stolen last week. Someone cut the lock in broad daylight after I left the bike locked up outside CPH for less than an hour. Hopefully we can find the culprits.

    1. Saw your ad on Kijiji, actually. Seems that about 5 bikes of large value have been stolen in the last month…

  5. Working so Close to U of W and also riding a Cindercone (a 94 mind you!) I sometimes worry about the migration of bike thieves from the U of W campus to the Tech park for richer pickings. I used to just Cable lock it at our old location on Phillip and Albert, but in the tech park, it is good U-bolt AND Cable lock on the front wheel) all the way. Nothing is foolproof, but as long as there are nicer bikes with cheaper locks close to mine I’ll worry a little less.

    BTW, U of W has always been Bike theft central. I had my Custom build Montagna stolen off campus in 91. The only real solution, unfortunately , is to ride a cluncker (try recycle cycles, awesome place) or cover your frame in black electrical tape(lol jk).

    And yes, your bike is in another city being sold most likely…

  6. Happily, I’ve received a tip that the bike was seen in the Highland/Stirling area. So, if anybody lives in that area and sees it, please let me know! :)

  7. My boyfriend’s bike was also stolen from UW. He had it locked outside Enve2 on June 28th (the day before his birthday) when it was stolen. It was a Norco Wolverine with a brown leather seat. If anyone sees it around please let me know!

    1. That’s not a happy birthday moment. Hope you find it and check out some these comments for some good advice on what to do when you’re bike’s stolen.

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