Memorial Ride – Silently taking a stand for our roadways

Last weekend Alex P and I rode the Barrie Conrad memorial ride. We met in Uptown Waterloo and then rode up the iron horse trail to Park St, then Weber and then Lobslinger Line. I’ve got to thank Alex cause if he didn’t nudge me about going there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have made it. And  Alex there was no way I was going to drive on such a nice day.

For me it was a therapeutic ride. Last fall I switched jobs and cycling to work was no longer practical. I now live too close, less then 300 meters.

I haven’t lost my passion for cycling as a way of transportation, I just felt I had lost my voice. I wasn’t on the bike twice a day, dodging traffic. Also the job switch meant I had to temporarily drop a few things such as keeping up on my cycling writing and reading. Here’s hoping I’m back for a while.

There’s a few fabulous articles written on the event that are totally worth reading (if you haven’t already):

It was a fantastic day for riding, perfect temperature and just enough wind to let me know I need to do this more often to really fly.

It was sobering to see so many white shirted cyclists. As we neared the start you could see more cyclists and more cars with bikes either on racks or in trunks. I saw many familar faces.  The spirit of the event was powerful. As a community we needed to show that what happened wasn’t right, that we weren’t going to stand by and that we were going to take our rightful place on our region’s streets. I’m eager to see what action, what changes are sparked.

I also learned that my favourite hills, the Hawkesville hills are a 14% incline if approached from south and 11% if coming from the north. Alex and I rode the hills coming from the north on the way back and I hit over 70km/hr, it’s awesome!