Re-invigorated and Some News

This weather and the time change has me energized once again about biking. I pumped up the tires today and tomorrow will be a bike ride to work for the first time since Fall 2011.

There’s also news from a reader who clued us in to some plans that are simmering regarding Car Free Sundays in Kitchener and Waterloo.

I think this ridiculous idea shows how much commitment our local community has for alternatives to cars.

17 thoughts on “Re-invigorated and Some News

  1. Wow! Car-free Sundays on the Iron Horse Trail, what a stupid idea! Hey Mike, where’s the sign that says the trail is closed to bikes on Car-free Sundays? I wonder if I bike past it or not. Maybe I’m just unobservant!

    1. The sign in and of itself is indicative that Kitchener and Waterloo consider the trail to be more of a park than a corridor for bikes and pedestrians.

      1. Hmmm, I’ve biked on it after 11pm a few times. I didn’t realize I shouldn’t be biking at night. ;) I don’t know of any roads in the region that close at 11 pm.

  2. I’ve never seen it enforced. Of course, I’ve never seen any of the laws concerning lighting at night or cycling on sidewalks enforced either.

  3. The car-free sundays weren’t really my cup of tea, but what is there to do along the iron horse trail? Look at the factories south of Queen Street? Get bugged by the gnats around the park? Look at some more factories and homes? Has Mr. Glenn-Graham even been up and down the trail? I guess we could all get some nice bagels at each City Cafe that is near the trail and then play in traffic as we all try to cross the treacherous intersection of Victoria and Strange.

  4. Yes, this is a really bad idea. There isn’t space along the iron horse for people to set up anything. Though I would be fine with having booths set up in parking lots along the iron horse, you lose the advantage of getting businesses and restaurants involved. Though Clasher is correct – it would be great fun eating bagels and watching people try to scoot across Victoria without getting killed. =)

    Thanks for tipping us off, Mike – please keep us posted about this as it unfolds.

  5. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m finding more communities in Ontario becoming less bike-friendly (or anything but car). Whether it’s lack of bike lanes or moving car-free events off the road, I’m seeing more of this all over the province.

    Niagara has an (unfortunately) failing Regional Transit (bus system). Most are saying it should be shut down as people here will not give up their cars.
    I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw a new bike lane and a new traffic light meant to help pedestrians was put in a location that forces people to walk out of their way to reach it.

    Rob Ford from this past weekend on ‘his’ radio show: “I’m not going to be putting in any more bike lanes, that’s for sure”.

    1. Actually, I think Waterloo is doing a pretty decent job. Not an awesome job, and maybe not even good, but for a city this small and remote, it’s certainly decent. Probably because of all those damn students. I wonder how London, Kingston, Hamilton, Peterborough and other university towns compare…

      I’m sorry to hear about those ill-advised opinions on Niagara’s public transport, but with Via Rail’s summer bike train from Toronto, I bet cycle tourism is increasing in the region. I wouldn’t be too worried about the big smoke. Sure, Rob Ford isn’t helping, but the Toronto Bike Union is growing by leaps and bounds. They’ll continue to make solid progress, I have no doubt.

    2. Also, Ryan, I see from your recent blog post that your are getting depressed from the comments sections on news websites. Don’t do that. In fact, don’t even read them. If those people represented popular opinion in this country, we’d already have stopped all foreign immigration, banned Islam, killed all First Nations people, and the government would spend no money at all except to hunt and torture pedophiles. =)

      1. Ha. I’m in the same boat as Ryan. I read them, but mostly to torture myself. Those people don’t represent the Canada I know.

  6. I think Kitchener is doing better with local cycling improvements… big things are coming south of the Iron Horse trail: contra-flow bike lanes on Nyberg (A first in the region?), improvements to Wilson and the path that connects Wilson to Mill Park Road so hopefully we’ll have a complete north-south cycling corridor in the city soon. Margaret Ave. is also getting bikes lanes.

    Rob Ford is just one member of council and he’s certainly loosing friends there so hopefully things in Toronto will start to get better.

  7. clasher, I’m happy to hear that Margaret Ave. is getting bike lanes! I bike down Margaret a fair bit. More lanes would certainly be welcome anywhere and Margaret should be an easy one, because it’s already wide enough. I agree about K-W doing a decent job with cycling improvements. Last year we got the “complete street” on Davenport and the cycling lanes on Ficher-Hallman.” I know it would be nice if more were being done and that there are areas that need more lanes/corridors, but things do seem to be moving in the right direction.

  8. From an ex-KW resident…back in the 1960’s-1970’s where I grew up. Things sure have changed. :D

    Peterborough over the past 20 years, has developed some bike routes that take you out into the Kwaratha Lakes area. Lovely and scenic. We started cycling around in that region shortly after my partner sold his farm in the area. That’s how we know. I think there is a bike map if you hunt around. And yes, one of routes takes you by Trent University which backs in greenspace.

    I strongly encourage folks for a great long weekend to spend time cycling in the and Kawartha Lakes area. It is cottage country northeast of Toronto (K-W people may be more familiar with the Sauble Beach, Wasaga, Goderich, Parry Sound..I understand. :))

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