What’s the difference…

Cycling…between a DUI cyclist and a commuter cyclist?

Answer: Three main things. One of these bikes has the following “features”…

  1. Upturned handlebars for convenience of carrying that sweet case of beer home.
  2. Industrial chain lock wrapped around the seat post, but not actually used.
  3. Parked in front of a liquor store at 10:30am on a Monday.

I have no idea if this person has a DUI, I just assume so. (ps.. I was heading to the landlord office for work which is just near this store. I had to stop!)

9 thoughts on “What’s the difference…

  1. Does it really matter why he/she bikes? What matters is that they follow the rules of the road and be safe, and you have no data about that. I’m not trying to be high-and-mighty, I judge sometimes, too (especially those damn students, ruining everything), but a cyclist is a cyclist. And cyclists drink and smoke, too.

  2. Nope, doesn’t matter. Right, no data. Merely pointing out the differences in style and reason. Get high and mighty, doesn’t matter to me, but if we can’t make some fun once and a while, that’s just sad.

    1. I’m with you, and it is fun to guess about the other cyclists around.

      I just get a little touchy about the reasons people cycle – it seems like people assume that because I am young, either I am too poor to own a car, or I have a DUI. The real reason is that I like it, as it seems you guys do!

  3. I used to bike commute when I was a smoker but never once smoked while biking. I would guess the fictional person Brendan is describing wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy a cigarette while shuttling his or her newly acquired case of beer home.

  4. The beer store down the street from me has a lot of bikes parked in front of it daily…Many to buy beer others to return bags of cans.
    Either-way, I get to see many people going to and from the beer store and I always get a kick out of how people carry their (full or empty) cases/bags!

  5. I work with a few guys that have bikes that look like that one and they don’t have DUIs they jut can’t afford cars or even fancy 1000$+ bikes. I dunno how to read this post as anything else than “LOL poor people” but hey, if making light of someone else’s hardship is your thing then so be it.

    1. I do find this article a little offensive. I think you are poking fun at the person’s lifestyle choices and the article does not really have a positive message about our fellow biker. True that the people reading this are not likely to be in thethe same circleto as this unpresumptuous soul and feasibly no one gets hurt. Just no need to mock a person.

  6. Well, no one was at risk of getting hurt, unless this person really did get caught driving drunk. If it’s poverty, as Clasher suggests, that’s another issue altogether and would agree with you both, but driving while under the influence is neither a lifestyle choice nor a class issue. Unfortunately, rich people with DUI convictions can afford to take cabs so they aren’t such easy targets for mockery.

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