Lights of Life – Meeting #2 UW Davis Center @7pm

Lights of Life is an initiative sparked by Brendan Lowther (a man of many titles who also happens to blog at WaterlooBikes every so often).

The idea is to bring the community together and put lights on our unlit bikes. We had one meeting in December and numerous conversations. This is a second meeting to explore the idea and start executing.

We’re trying to get everyone at the table; cyclists, city representatives (Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge), Waterloo Cycling Club, UW Feds, Ride with Lance, bicycle shops, Region of Waterloo, Waterloo Region Police Services.

2nd Meeting – Jan 19 – UW Davis Center @ 7pm

Brendan’s hosting the meeting at 7pm Thursday January 19 2012 at UW Davis Center in Study Room L (map).

All are welcome!

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  1. Just a note. Life has made things a bit difficult in getting to this right now. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can put together a pitch that we can share.

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