Money and Fat

Saw this the other day and figured it was worth the share. The art is by Australian Peter Drew. The photo is by Carlton ReidVia Boing Boing

7 thoughts on “Money and Fat

  1. I’m fat and it’s not because I’m unfit. If this stupid stencil wasn’t on the other side of the planet I’d go ahead and add my thoughts to it. I’d quote Tyler Durden on this and say “deliver me from clever art” but I can’t really see anything clever about “guerilla stenciling” and shaming someone ‘cos of their body type. I wonder if he thinks he is a real subversive… the Che Guerra of bicycle advocacy and fatbashing all rolled into one. Maybe he got picked on by some fat bogans as a child or something, but it doesn’t really makes this any good in my opinion.

    I wonder if anyone has told the fat cyclist about this yet….

  2. Hey Clasher … I don’t think the art is calling out body types, it’s calling out fat as a substance and inactivity.

    Thanks for the link to the fat cyclist, great blog. Although I have hard time calling 20lbs over weight obese, unless he’s into modelling.

    His most recent take on Lance’s donations to cancer research is bang on – great perspective –

    1. Sure it does… the implication seems to be saving money and being a not-fat cyclist is good and that spending money on a car that makes you fat is bad. The artist is skiny so I doubt he’s ever thought twice about throwing the word “fat” around as a perjorative.

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