Great short on Critical Mass

I still haven’t managed to participate in a critical mass ride yet.  After watching this stellar clip  I want to and even more (it is longish so carve out some time).

I am a bit nervous about the Waterloo ride as it’s low in numbers (I’ve seen as few as six participants) which makes running lights at 5pm kind of dangerous. The Waterloo critical mass participants meet at the bandshell in Waterloo Park the last Friday of the month at 4.45 pm.

6 thoughts on “Great short on Critical Mass

  1. I don’t remember running lights the two times I’ve been out with Critical Mass. Aside from fully consuming one or two lanes, I would say the rules of the road are largely respected by riders.

  2. Usually lights are only run when there is a big group and it’s safer to keep all cyclists together rather than let cars in the middle. Always safety first! And if you come out bring a few friends, that might inspire more people to come out!

  3. @Emily – You’ve got a deal :) I’m glad to hear it’s safety first. I wondered how it would work out when the cyclists are sparse. Jan 27th it is :)

  4. Is there a group or website for Critical Mass for Kitchener/Waterloo? I couldn’t find a website or Facebook group that is up to date.

    1. I only know of the Facebook group, which as you said is out of date. But that’s the beauty of cm, its grassroots, has no formal leadership or organization …. just people and their bikes.

      1. Fair enough, but it’s hard to organize to let people know when/where to show up, and to get more people involved if there isn’t a place they can easily go for the information. Maybe will try reviving the Facebook group, or creating a new one, as Facebook is saying the group type is being retired.

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