A Reader Submitted Collision Story

This is a fresh story from a reader that was struck on Friday. Read the record article.
I’m a long time year round cyclist, I even opted to get rid of the car last year rather than pay more than it was worth to have it fixed. I’m also the mother of a wonderful two year old boy. I dont want him to grow up in the back seat of a car. We have a chariot bike trailer that we use as our primary means of transportation.
This year as soon as the first snowflakes began to fall it was like motorists just forgot how to drive. Within the first few days I’d lost count of the number of collisions and near collisions I saw on my way to work.
On Friday morning, the first morning the snow actually stuck to the roads, I was taking my son to daycare, peppler and young to close to EZ on Moore. Just as I’m passing princes street on peppler I notice a black van approaching the stop sign very quickly. They arn’t slowing down and my only option is it pedal as hard as I can to avoid us being t-boned. Thinking I’m almost clear I feel my bike reel as the van hits the right rear corner of the chariot. The cart knocks back and forth but stays up, and I’m unable to control my bike from the impact and go down landing in my right hip. As soon as I see my son as alert I pull the bike cart to the curb and run to the car and demand the driver calls the cops and some how talk myself down from punching her in the face. The next bit is a blur of other cars stopping, the folks from the business across the street offering to take care of the bike and a fire truck and ambulance showing up.
I opted to hop in the ambulance with my then frantic son rather than wait with the crying driver and passenger. They kept apologizing but I couldn’t deal with the people who’s carelessness nearly killed my son.
After we got to the hospital and there werent a crowd of people in his face the little guy calmed down. Several hours later the doctor gave us the all clear and the kid hasn’t had any physical problems. He is though now terrified of my bike and threw one of the worst tantrums I’ve ever seen when I tried to get him into the cart yesterday.
The Record played the incident off as a cautionary tale to put winter tires on your car and be careful on the roads but I see it as just another example of the blatant disrespect drivers in this city have for anyone without a two ton glass and steel cage around them. I don’t know if the driver was charged with anything, the cop that showed up at the hospital didn’t seem to think it was a big deal, but nearly crushing a child with your vehicle is a huge deal, to me it’s everything

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  1. Thank you for sharing, a sobering reminder of our fraility as cyclists. As parents, cycling makes us so vulnerable as our most precious loved ones are with us.

    I had read the article in the record and am so relieved that you and your son weren’t badly injured or worse. I can’t believe how vague the record article is, obviously written by someone who’s never ridden a bicycle.

    I hope your son recovers and rides again. I know he’ll appreciate how his mom modelled responsible transportation.


  2. At least unlike last year (or the year before), the cops didn’t blame the cyclist for being on the road while it was snowing.

    This nonsense of weather makes me sick. Last time I checked we live in Canada, and I do believe the vast majority of cities in this country get snow each year. How in the world can people still not know how to drive in the bloody snow?!?
    It seems to me a open and shut case that the person in the van should be charged with careless driving.

    I was just talking to my Dad about when we lived in Kitchener. He would put me in one of those child seats and take me out around Kitchener. He never found it pleasant cycling in Kitchener, although there were few(er) vehicles on the road back then so there wasn’t any issues with motorists, with the exception of speeding.

    I hear from former Waterloo residents living here now (which is quite sizeable), about how bad the motorists still are in K-W.

    This story also makes me think about Jenna Morrison, and what could have happened had her child been in the trailer.

    Thank-goodness I have short hair, because with stories like these, I’d be pulling out my hair.

  3. update…. sort of: the cop called and still no charges refused to give me any information. I fear the driver getting off.
    the kid still does not like the cart but is really happy to ride his trike in the basement, so thats something.

  4. Perhaps I’m wrong or the laws changed, but are you not suppose to be in control of your vehicle at all times?
    Since when did weather conditions become an “off” from being charged?

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