Toronto Cyclist Death Coverage on CBC

You are probably already aware of the tragic death of a cyclist in Toronto yesterday. It’s terrible, tragic, and all around sad news. Those things go without saying (highlighted here so you don’t think I’m an unfeeling robot).

I waited until today to put up a comment because I really want to see how the coverage would evolve. I grew more and more angry with this piece by CBC as they updated it throughout the day yesterday.

After Mr. Meslin’s fine quote on the situation, the TPS constable is given the floor. Most egregious fear mongering he does is speculate that the cyclist was trying to pass when there was no room, and that the bike trailer contributed to the accident.

I was really shocked to read about the lack of passenger side convex mirror on the 5-tonne truck from other news sources, but no mention on the CBC.

5 thoughts on “Toronto Cyclist Death Coverage on CBC

  1. Horrible news. Watching CTV’s coverage they indicated she was pregnant as well. If that’s true that just adds to an already horrible tragedy.

    My Dad use to run many of the depots in Cambridge, Hamilton & Mississauga for Purolator in the 70’s & 80’s, and he always made sure EVERY truck had the convex mirrors. When I sent him this story and read that the truck didn’t have convex mirrors, he was speechless.

    I know we live in a “blame the victim” society, but I didn’t expect people (police at that) to try and point the finger at the woman because she had a trailer…Makes me wonder if she hadn’t been wearing a helmet, would that have been the reason to blame her instead?

    Skimming through the comments on CBC, I can’t believe how many were saying things such as:
    -“This is why we need to license cyclists and make them carry insurance”.
    -“Why did Mike Harris remove the all age helmet law?”
    -“Why don’t cyclists use sidewalks as roads aren’t meant for them”.

  2. If you support Dave Meslin’s quote about infrastructure being the source of the problem, come out the the Region’s open houses on its Active Transportation Master Plan.

    Tonight, Nov. 9,at First United Church, 16 William St., Waterloo
    Nov. 17, 2011 at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 54 Queen St. N., Kitchener

  3. In terms of biased coverage the Record’s Terry Pender gives the CBC a run for their money, portraying the participants of last night’s meeting as a bunch of kooks by focussing on the most extreme suggestions rather than the main suggestions agreed on at the end of the meeting. Just look at the poll the Record set up: “Should police automatically lay charges against drivers who hit a cyclist or pedestrian?” Even I, as a cyclist, wouldn’t support that kind of law, nor does the Region have the ability to make a law like that anyway.–cyclists-want-drivers-to-share-the-road

    1. That’s the kind of law they have in the netherlands, the motorist has to prove their innocence rather than guilt …. and believe me folks are deathly afraid of hitting a cyclist or pedestrian.

      1. Well, then perhaps we should institute “guilty until proven innocent” in all criminal cases, and then people would be deathly afraid of committing any crime? I don’t see why cyclist collisions should be any different.

        Sarcasm aside, I’m pretty frustrated about this case in Toronto. I wonder if there were any witnesses to the accident aside from the truck driver. =(

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