Has a Waterloo Region bike path ever been sabotaged?

Has a Waterloo Region bike path ever been sabotaged? I just read a story from Adelaide SA where a cyclist was badly injured by a wire that was strung across a bike path.

I’ve wondered more than a few times while riding the Iron Horse near Victoria park if some deviant would ever commit such a crime (treed section of the trail).   Then I came across the train crossing and realized there are other forces at play.

A few times I’ve seen boulders left out on the Iron Horse trail in Waterloo park that had me thinking that if it was night it would spell trouble.

Anyone witness an act of bike path sabotage in Waterloo Region?

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  1. The mountain bike trails near the landfill used to be infrequently vandalized before the Waterloo Cycling Club was given stewardship of the trails, that have since been carefully routed on land where they’ve permission to be. Out on the bike trails I’ve never encountered anything covert. Pretty much anyone that rides is all too familiar with overt road ragers, but that’s another sack of hammers. Usually when one reads of trail vandalism it’s hikers vs. bikers off road where cyclists aren’t allowed to use the trails or they’re shared use and some folks just don’t like to share: this has happened a lot in Marin County, CA.

  2. A few weeks ago there was that incident in Toronto where someone put some sort of wire across a road, and a motorcyclist was injured pretty bad.

    As for sabotaging any local (St.C) bike paths? The closest would be nails and glass. Not always done on purpose, however I’m not naive enough to think there aren’t people who don’t put nails in the bike lane or any trail.

  3. I recall a path in Hamilton being rigged with a really dangerous trap of some sort, think spikes set to impale kind of thing… but I think it was a walking trail. Details are really hazy in my mind.

    I don’t really think there is a lot of animosity on the iron horse, but that’s just my experience.

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