Forgive me father, I have sinned

I spat on a motorist. More precisely I’m hoping I spat on his windshield.

I’m not proud of or condoning the action. In fact I find spitting to be vulgar, demeaning and mildly violent. All of which supposedly violate my ethic.

This motorist had it coming. It was the first day at school for my partner, who’s a teacher. So I took the day off to let her have the morning to get ready for her first day back after a 16 month maternity leave. Around eleven I left  to drop off our two kids at our daycare. With the wind and two kids totaling 60lbs in the trailer it took me about 30 minutes. The action happened on the return trip near the university. I was in the intersection of Westmount and Father David Bauer waiting for the yellow to turn.  When I finally got my yellow light I saw a maroon Honda accord about to enter the intersection. I inched forward a foot or so, to encourage him to stop. It didn’t work, he sped up and barreled through the intersection.

I expect a decent human being to see a parent pulling kids on the road and give more room and be protective of everyone who’s on the road. He had no way of knowing that my trailer of precious cargo was empty. This low life barreled through the intersection. I was incensed. I mustered what little phlegm I had and spewed it, aiming for his windshield. I can’t be certain it hit, but I hoped it made it’s mark.  While turning in the intersection I stretched a glance to see if the low-life motorist had reacted or had the gumption to turn around. There was no reaction, either he didn’t notice are or knew he was in the wrong.

So there you have it. My ‘papa-bear’ instinct got the better of me.

What have you done in a moment of biker-rage?

Ever spit?


My Ride  (partner with precious cargo in tow, my ride for the day in question)

Intersection of Westmount & Father David Bauer in Waterloo

11 thoughts on “Forgive me father, I have sinned

  1. Late in the evening last winter, I was turning left off William onto Park, and someone in a minivan turning left off Park got tired of waiting at the stop sign and turned out in front of me. I had to slam on my breaks to avoid getting hit. I yelled “fuck” really loud at the otherwise silent intersection. They drove away. A light went on in the window at a nearby house. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Not terrible, anyway.

    Anyway, people are terrible about running yellow light. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with your being a cyclist. And in answer to your question, I think the finger is more appropriate than spitting.

    Finally, let’s all remember Graham’s situation next time we think of running a yellow light in a car or on a bike. The car that needs to swerve to avoid us might have kids in the back too.

  2. your partner? That term sounds weird. Girlfriend? Wife? Baby-momma? All sound better then your beating of the word “partner.” I don’t even know what I just read because of that distracting term.

  3. I usually can’t get over my blinding rage in situations like this in time to make a brash move.

    Don’t beat yourself up too much. You didn’t spit on a motorist, you spit on a car. Big difference.

  4. One time a Guy in a big white escalade was trying to pass me in the lane. I didn’t move over because unlike him I could see the cars stopped up ahead. I didn’t want him to get too close to me as they usually do in big suvs. When he got a chance he squeezed by me, and had to slam on his brakes to stop a few meters ahead. When I reached his passenger side a few seconds later, I said “thanks, neighbour, welcome to Toronto.” He got mad and was all fuck you get off the road. I said no you get off the road. Blah blah anyway after I bested him he said fuck you go away. I said no I’m staying right here. The Jack ass spit out his window at me. I spit back but only got his back windsheild. Nothing against Asians but 3 times that day they called me a versions of Cyclist faggot.

  5. Henry, just fold their passenger mirror in. Most SUV, truck and mini van mirrors fold and almost all of them are of the non-powered folding variety, which pretty much means they have to pull off, stop, and get out and unfold it back.

  6. Steve, it’s not entirely the driver’s call. If a cop sees you run a yellow light that he/she thinks you could have safely stopped for, they’ll give you a ticket. If you need to speed up to make it through the intersection (as Graham says the driver did), you probably aren’t going too fast to stop safely.

  7. I’ve slapped a few cars, once in downtown Kitchener I was squeezed against the curb so someone could rush 50m to the red light up ahead. I was unable to catch up to them and put a proper dent in their car but I would have definitely escalated the conflict if I’d caught up to them.

    Yesterday in the country I had someone pull up behind me and honk the horn ‘cos I was in the lane on the right side and they didn’t want to slow down because of oncoming traffic so they just figured the horn was all they needed to do before running me off the road. I couldn’t pick up a rock fast enough to hit their car but I might start carrying some small stones on my handlebars for those ignorant types. A frame pump makes a mean baton type weapon too, should you ever be faced with a physically aggressive driver. Aim for the knees and hit as hard as you can. I certainly don’t plan to be on the receiving end of a road rager’s violence.

    All the internet tough-guy talk aside, I do try and just accept that I will be run off the road and harassed… in a fight with a tonne of metal I’ll almost always loose.

  8. 1st yay for more people using bike carts! One day last week I saw 6 different parents taking their kids to school/daycare in carts on Moore Ave, This time last year I’d see maybe one other bike cart a week on my commute to work.
    2nd If anyone cuts me off when I’m towing my son they’d best get out of their quick, but usually drivers are super nice and give me way too much space when they see the cart.

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