WaterlooBikes for Jack

Jake on a bike via http://www.ibiketo.ca

Lets remember Jack by biking to his funeral this Saturday. We’ll meet at City Cafe Bakery August 27 at 8am. I’ve got two extra grey mustaches.

I’ve been blown away by the out pouring for the late Jack Layton, particularly by the Toronto Bike community (Urban Country, I bike T.O., pic of Nathan Philip Square).

WaterlooBikes for Jack

I thought it was a fitting way to honour and reflect on the contribution and legacy of Jack Layton by biking to his funeral August 27 at 2pm.

  • Depart – 8am
  • Meet – 7.30am City Cafe Bakery (7.30 for coffee and breakie, Victoria and Iron Horse Trail),
  • ReturnTrain departs 5.40pm that arrives 7.20pm
  • RouteHere’s Google’s 126km, but I’m open to suggestions. They say 7hrs but I’m sure it can be done in 6.

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10 thoughts on “WaterlooBikes for Jack

  1. Really wish I could but have been scheduled as a 4th official on Ontario Cup of Soccer for Saturday and Sunday mid-day. All the best to whomever goes on this adventure. If there is any way I can help, let me know.

    1. @BrendanL are you still ref’ing TNSL on thrusday nights? If so what fields? The ref groupings seem to get the same field every week for our league.

      1. Nah, they don’t seem to call me anymore. Not sure why, I think the ref scheduler for that league doesn’t like me for some reason. I get a lot of provincial games now with some regular Waterloo Rep games. Pretty ideal actually, though I did enjoy doing the mens games. I’d actually like to be the scheduler for those leagues, get you guys some better people.

  2. Hi Graham, I kind of want to come. Do you know if my road bike would be fine? Thin tires? -Janice

    1. Fantastic! Janice you’ve doubled the team! Now just to convert your ‘kind of’ to a definite :)

      A road bike is perfect and thin tires are what you want for long distances!

  3. Graham:

    I looked at your route, I hope that you have been on the trail through Homer Watson Park (at the south end of Wilson Ave. in Kitchener), I would not consider it suitable for road bikes, a few very steep hills with loose gravel!

    1. Thanks – I’ve been adjusting as we speak and was getting rid of trails in general for that very reason. I’m also a little wary of ‘concessions’ as they too could be gravel.

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