Flood Diversion Canal – Good spot for a Bike Path

I came across a new obstacle on the Iron Horse Trail (Laurel Trail) a flood diversion canal.

Over the last year I’ve noticed a tonne of wash out on this stretch of the trail (Iron Horse by Seagram Stadium), anyone know why?

Didn’t see or smell another cyclist on the way to work.  Isn’t’ skin waterproof? If you biked today leave a comment.

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18 thoughts on “Flood Diversion Canal – Good spot for a Bike Path

  1. I’m going out for a ride in the rain shortly, I don’t remember this spot right now… I usually cross the tracks at near the animal pens and ride in the parking lot there. Watch your hubs in the deep water eh ;)

    1. Charles – talk to me about hubs in deep water? What kind of damage will happen? This was between the animal pens and Seagram drive.

      I was going to ride through the puddle just for fun, but it got deep fast and I was worried about my internal hub (nexus). It’s already a piece of crap and I don’t want it to get worse. Hopefully this fall I’ll find time to give it a complete overhaul before the winter. (I’m really curious about how much better the alphine models are … it would give me a chance to tackle my first wheel rebuilding project.)

      1. The water can wash the grease out of the hubs, dunno how likely it is with whatever kind of hub you’ve got on the back but I know my sturmey-archers would just let water right in through the indicator chain. Even regular hubs that have seals usually don’t hold well to immersion. Loose-ball hubs are the most susceptible to this but even cartridge bearing hubs aren’t 100% sealed… likely a ride or two through the puddles won’t flush all the grease out but it’s something to keep an eye on. That’s also why it’s a bad idea to hose off the bike with high-pressure spray.

        I just got back from riding and I couldn’t resist riding through the puddle (I’ll never grow up I guess) but I’m also planning on overhauling these hubs anyway, and I just broke two spokes on the ride too so I guess I have something to do all day.

  2. Holy smokes, that’s big puddle. I’ll have to see if it’s still there on the way home.

    I almost took the bus most of the way today, as it was raining cats and dogs just before I left. I was concerned that we might get a nasty storm but I had a great, if wet, ride in!

    1. Those are nasty! Back in the day when I actually went mountain biking on a regular basis I hit a puddle that I thought was shallow and it ate half my wheel …. the mud slowed me down so quick I was almost thrown from the bike.

      Hidden potholes gotta be killer! Where was it? We should notify the region before someone gets hurt.

  3. Just came through Waterloo Park. It was pretty lonely, mostly me and the ducks. I found your floodway, where the Laurel Trial runs between the railway tracks and the ball diamond just south of Seagram Drive. I stopped to watch an adventurous pedestrian test its depth against the height of his rubber boots. He bailed out, so to speak, before he got halfway across.

  4. I love riding in the rain… did 40K this morning, I really wanted to test out my shiny new bike cape and I am rather pleased about it. I saw someone else riding a Dutch bike with the same cape on… yeah, it looks like a rubber ducky (I’m cool with that) but it works well enough…. need long fenders or a mudflap to keep the feet drier, but it’s my first recommendation for rain gear. If I had a camera I’d do a more in-depth review but it wouldn’t make any sense without pictures. For me it is way more useful than the rain-cape that MEC sells since I like a dry head.

    1. Also capes are useless if you don’t have fenders, you’ll still get soaked from road spray. The open bottom keeps me much cooler than other rain coats I’ve tried too.

  5. I emailed Waterloo Councillor Melissa Durrell about the flooding. She forwarded my complaint to Philip Hewitson, director of transportation.

  6. I did bike today as well! I saw the puddle so went through the parking lot but I can imagine people coming from the other side had to ride straight through it

  7. I biked to work this morning. Also ran 6.5 km when it was really pouring at about 7 am. I was on the north side of University and there was a ton of water on the roads.

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