Radlermass – The Cyclists’ Thirst Quencher

I love walking home after visiting the Brick Brewery. I guess there’s something about feeling young again when you’re carrying a 24 on your shoulder (which is plain numb by time I’m finished the 3 blocks).

Free Beer

This time though I got a bonus sampler for my efforts so I had some extra hop in my steps.  Free beer is free beer even if is labelled as Premium Lemonade Lager.


Was I ever surprised to read about the story of this Lager on the back of the cereal box.  The story is confirmed by the German Beer Institute which has even more background to the story.

“After World War I, bicycle riding became popular in Germany. A local innkeeper opened his own watering hole and arranged for a bike trail through Munich to his alpine meadow, only to find some 13,000 cyclists had descended upon his establishment and almost depleted him of his fine beer. Quick thinking led him to mix a stock of lemon soda with his remaining beer and he called it Radlermass (Radler meaning cyclist and Mass means litre of beer in German), which became a wonderful refreshing summer drink.” (quote from the back of can and brick’s website)”

I’m just not sure what it says about cyclists when our thirst quencher is Lemonade Lager.

6 thoughts on “Radlermass – The Cyclists’ Thirst Quencher

  1. That’s cool, but I have to wonder about why someone with so many bikes would walk to the beer store. You need some kind of conveyance attached to one of your bikes. Beer box.

  2. Cool! I love beer and riding.. not together though.. well.. not often.. haha.

  3. Aside from screwing up the name by uneccessarily adding in “mass”, the brike brewery some how managed to mix their regular beer with a substantial amount of lemonade, and yet maintained 4.8% alcohol. That’s some awesome alchemy.

    It’s not bad… it’s a hell of a lot better than those nasty “bud light lime” type drinks, but it could be a lot better.

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