Spreading the Love by Bicycle

Last week when Steve told me he was going to a wedding by bike along with all the other guests, I just had to find out more!

I wish I could have witnessed it, but I’m just honoured to have heard the tale. It must have been a glorious experience. Here are some pictures and email bytes that have been shared.

This should be what bicycling is all about! Ciaran and Angela thanks for sharing this moment with us!

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From: Ciarán

Subject: Re: Fw: [New post] Maybe Kitchener-Waterloo has more bicycle culture than we think?WOW!

It was like a festival.  Triumphant was the word that Laura Ashfield used.
I think Angela and I (and all of us, really) witnessed a perfect example of love’s real power on our wedding day bike ride.  All our friends were ringing their bells and hooting and hollering for no other reason than that we are in love.  And everyone we passed was so suddenly filled with joy.  Then this e-mail that Kari shared testifies that love really did spread from the Iron Horse trail like a ripple-effect into the city.
In the readings we chose Lauren said the words, Strong as death is love.  I still cannot get over the strength of love that we witnessed around us on the bike ride.  It was so eye-openning and a little bit humbling to re-discover how easy it is to spread love!
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!
Everyone who cheered with us and biked with us and blessed us and are our friends!  You are such an incredible part of our marriage.
Keep love growing,

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  1. Very cool story. Upbeat for a change.

    BTW, I observe that you never would have heard about this if you went to pick up groceries in your car. Bikes are cool that way. Just sayin’.

    Congratulations Newlyweds.

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