Davenport Grand Opening

On Sunday August 7th 10am – 1pm there’s going to be a party celebrating the grand opening of the new  Davenport Road as the Region’s first ‘Complete Street’.

Here’s a description of  the work done on Davenport that I stole from Diane Freeman‘s website.

Davenport Road is Waterloo’s first complete street! We call it complete because this new roadway not only accommodates cars and better manages speeding traffic, but it’s also designed to safely accommodate bicyclists, pedestrians, wheelchairs and transit users. It’s completely accessible.

Of course, I stopped reading after the part about bicycles, but there seems to be some other beneficiaries mentioned in there as well.

I emailed Diane late last night with a query about what we could expect at the grand opening and got an excited call back around 11pm (talk about public service). Here’s some of what’s going on at the grand opening.

  • Displays from The Waterloo Cycling Club
  • ‘Complete Streets’ displays
  • Alternative fuel automobiles
  • Kitchener Rangers Street Team will be playing road hockey.
  • A skateboard demonstration with professional skateboarders
  • Sportchek will be doing bike tune-ups
  • The GRT will have their demo bus-bike-rack (I’d like to try that out myself)
  • Facepainting
  • Live music

The complete street displays are also going to be available in Conestoga Mall for the week prior to the grand opening, so stop by the fountain area to get a preview of what Complete Streets means.

There might be some demonstration space still available. Does anyone have a good idea for bike related activities that would be a good spectacle. It’d have to be pretty flash to compete with the skateboard guys. What about BMX’ers? Do you know some? Submit a comment with you’re real email address or go to the contact page to send me message about it.

Diane also pointed out that the grand opening is about more than a celebration, it’s also about education. There are some features of the new street that are not found anywhere else in the region. Hopefully the learning curve for these new features won’t be as steep as roundabouts, but just in case, I’m going to get a head start on August 7.

So grab 3 friends, loan them some bikes from your collection and go down for a couple hours. Us non-sport cyclists should definitely make an appearance.

6 thoughts on “Davenport Grand Opening

    1. I’m told they were approached but declined because there isn’t enough room. I love to watch those guys though. Good spectacle.

  1. “The GRT will have their demo bus-bike-rack (I’d like to try that out myself)”

    I don’t understand. Is this different than the existing bike racks on busses?

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