New Obstacle on the Iron Horse – Android Protest at RIM’s AGM

Last week we had a heated debate on obstacles, well I’d like to add a new one to the mix: Protestor Signs.

Last night RIM had their annual shareholders meeting at CIGI which is at the horrible intersection of Erb, Caroline and the Iron Horse Trail. Some guy from Austin Texas was paying students to protest Google Android 0utside of the RIM’s annual shareholder meeting. (Somebody please comment as to why you’d protest Google in Waterloo across from RIMs philanthropic buildings (PI & CIGI).

Last night I rode down Caroline from Albert so the protest signs didn’t bother me at all, it did back up traffic significantly up Albert.  Did the protest sign’s cause any barrier as you entered the intersection from Waterloo Park?  I’d doubt it cause most commuters are prepared to really slow down when they hit the intersection and having the protest just made the commute more entertaining. As for me, I got my blackberry out and shot a few poor quality pics.

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7 thoughts on “New Obstacle on the Iron Horse – Android Protest at RIM’s AGM

    1. Thanks, I just read the article and concluded that his objection to Android is that there’s no money in it for him.

    2. Thanks for pointing out the typo :)
      I must have been blind, collection the right link and typing the wrong name. I had read the article, but it still didn’t add up. I was hoping a ‘Rim’ite would chime in.

  1. Intriguing. What exactly is the objection to Android? Exploitation, animal testing? Is the protest still going on? I might bike down in a few minutes.

    1. It wasn’t a protest, but a marketing stunt. The guy hired students for $12.50/hr to hold up signs. (I should have put 2 and 2 together when I saw them recruiting at UW and called campus police)

  2. Those traffic pics look like normal rush hour traffic from how I remember it a couple years ago when my commute took me that way.

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