Davenport Disconnect

I got back from a nice long fitness ride on my straightbar modded road bike just now and decided to take Davenport from Northfield to Lexington.

For the past several weeks, this has been a dangerous proposition with the construction. There were plenty of pilons in the car lane forcing the cars into the bike lane. To be fair, the lane markings were paved over around the same time the pilons went up.

I snapped this image on my maiden cruise down the new pavement. This is just before the fresh blacktop.

Bike lane beginning on Davenport Road Waterloo
Bike lane starting up on Davenport road by Conestoga Mall

I biked through it, then was about 300m down the path and trying to figure out what I didn’t like about the bike lane. I drove back a ways to get the picture and think about it.

If you click to look full size, you’ll see that there is a road widening right there. It’s got fresh curbs.

On the other side, there’s an intersection for entry into Conestoga Mall and then beyond that, two lanes of traffic. One of those lanes, I was happy to take.

So, it came down to this. I was travelling in my vehicle lane and forcing the cars to go ’round, then I had to merge into that lane for the length of the choke point, then back into a bicycle lane.

In the end, I felt that this was less safe than the two traffic lanes that were there before the construction.

I hope this is just temporary and the two lanes are removed from the north side of the mall entrance as well, then the bike lane can go all the way between Northfield and Lexington.

2 thoughts on “Davenport Disconnect

  1. I used to work up on baffin place, just north of the DP-NF intersection and rode DP daily all winter and the safest thing I did was to just merge into the left lane like any other vehicle… usually it wasn’t a big deal as I made eye contact and signaled but I never had to do it at rush hour (thank afternoon/night shift!) but it isn’t that hard to do in traffic either.

    That’s a nice stretch of flat, smooth road so it’s not hard to get up to speed and not inconvenience the precious muffins in their cars too much.

    I dunno why they didn’t cut a gap in the island and put some bollards up and a sign allowing a bike lane to go straight through the island. Here is a link to an extra-poorly done paint drawing: http://tinypic.com/r/xp3nkh/7 if I didn’t make any sense. That whole road is wide enough that they could have likely built completely separated lanes but I’m getting really dreamy now.

    1. I know what you mean. It was terribly scary for me either, but I remember what it was like when I didn’t know when to get in the lane. Scary stuff.

      That frightens off new blood in my opinion. And I think it’s really shows the commitment level of our city to actual bicycle infrastructure. If it get’s too tough to paint the line, we just don’t do it.

      And btw, what were you doing for a living on Baffin? Probably some sort of computer illustrator, no?

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