570 News Interview – Waterloo Bike Friendly

I did an interview with Mike Farwell of 570 News. It aired this morning. I didn’t get a chance to hear it.

We talked about Waterloo’s recent award of Bike Friendly City. What are your thoughts on this subject?

Update: The audio and here’s a link to the 570 news story.

5 thoughts on “570 News Interview – Waterloo Bike Friendly

  1. I heard it! The one day I drive into work and I hear you on the news! Sounded good. I wasn’t too surprised with the award. I’ve lived in two other large cities in Ontario and so far Waterloo is the only community that I have felt safe enough to ride my bike to work so it must say something :)

  2. Personally I think a bike friendly community shouldn’t have any cyclist fatalities, especially when the cyclist was killed using the very bike lanes these sorts of people love to promote. The cities also have to apply for it this status. Waterloo was also the most intelligent community a couple of years ago too, so it seems Waterloo is really just good at getting awards. *shrug*

  3. Can’t say I agree with the list all that much, though I also suppose it depends on what was looked at to judge what makes a bike friendly city.
    Things such as education and special events don’t make a city bike friendly IMO.

    Guelph and Peterborough seem like the most obvious choices for bike friendly cities, yet they aren’t even on the list…I’d even say St. Catharines is more bike friendly then Ajax, Windsor and to an extent Ottawa.

    If part of the process is submitting your city to be reviewed, then I don’t think we can get an accurate ‘reading’ on what is Ontario’s bike friendly cities.

    The only one on the list I’d agree with is Waterloo. Back in the 70’s & 80’s when my family lived in Kitchener, my Dad always preferred cycling in Waterloo.

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