Look What I Found

Found another ditched bike yesterday. I biked it home side-by-side style. I’ll get out the chrome polish today and tomorrow. Hopefully riding it to work on Monday. I can’t say no to a bike laying in the bog.

Found bike on roadUpdate: After shining the whole thing up, fitting a chain and seat, I found out that the rear hub and front chainring require different size chains. I did not see that coming. Maybe it’s a junker after all.

10 thoughts on “Look What I Found

  1. Lucky!

    3+ years ago I would be finding bikes people didn’t want or had at the side of the curb almost on a weekly basis…My current bike someone was just throwing out as I passed their house.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), bikes have become a hot commodity in St. Catharines. If you see a bike that someone discarded, you pretty much have to jump on it ASAP or risk losing it to someone else!
    Plus we have groups of people who go around with pick-ups looking for ‘scrap metal’ who take bikes right away.

    Is that a 1-speed or 3-speed?

  2. I had this bad feeling as I passed it on my way to work in the morning that it would be gone when I passed by on my way home. I got lucky and it was still there.

    It’s a 3 speed. Reminds me of my mother’s bike when I was a kid. The step through is going to be a nice change for commuting. Glad they’re not just for girls these days.

    1. I miss my old 3 speed, however I do have a 1 speed now (not my main bike though).

      I love the step through frames!
      What I love about my current bike is that it’s a step through, but doesn’t completely look like one. Helps considerably when I do grocery shopping and have to throw a box on the back!


  3. You need a “single speed” chain for this bike, chains for derailleur bikes are too narrow to work, drop in at Recycle Cycles at 43 Queen St. in Kitchener for a new chain at a reasonable price.

    1. Good point. But do people steal bikes with no chain, no seat and two flats?

      Still, a little diligence is in order I guess.

  4. It’s my experience that most people that get a bike stolen don’t report it to the police and when they do it’s either a really expensive bike… this looks more like an abandoned bike and I would guess the police wouldn’t care too much. I found a similar single-speed coaster brake bike that was laying on the side of the road for 3 days before I snagged it… better you than a scraper I say. This bike is a lovely city bike and is worthy of rebuilding and upgrading even. I want to build modern wheels for mine.

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