Bike Lanes

Duncan’s City Ride posted a cool video about danger in bike lanes. Here’s what happens when you have a strict bike lane law and a crackdown on cyclists. Clearly hilarity ensues.

5 thoughts on “Bike Lanes

  1. Although the first part is sad, the second half is hilarious.
    I know in Ontario (at least St. Catharines), you can legally ride outside of the bike lane.

    This is also a good message for cyclists that WE need to educate ourselves on the laws and our rights while on a bicycle!
    When I was pulled over a few months ago, the cop tried to ding me with everything possible but failed.

  2. You can legally ride outside of bike lanes there too, but the cop was stupid and the cyclist didn’t investigate before paying the fine.

    This is, however, my concern with fully segregated bike lanes. If they become common, cops, and more importantly, other drivers won’t expect to see bikes in the street. That spells danger.

  3. Hope the Region of Waterloo doesn’t start making stupid laws like this. There’s always debris or cars on the side of the road and in bike lanes around here. I would fight this kind of ticket with all my resources.

  4. Luckily, the bike lanes I ride in are usually clear of parked cars, etc. but lots of the time I’ll encounter gravel which is very dangerous for me on a road bike.

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