Wearing a Bike Helmet – Reason #2

As I locked my bike this morning, I didn’t realize Agfa was employing new security on the premises. Two Canadian Geese, obviously part of the local anti-bicycle establishment did not approve of my presence.

At first I was chuckling how he was hissing at pedestrian in front of me then as I turned my back (first mistake) to lock my bike the behemoth took flight and swooped at short range for my unsuspecting mullet.

Helmets protect from attacking dinosaurs. This was no bird.  A bird by definition weighs about 80 grams and eats from a bird feeder. This beast was at least 40 lbs of hissing fury.

I now have another reason to wear a helmet while cycling, who knows what would have happened. (btw my cell phone camera didn’t quite capture the horror of this beast).

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5 thoughts on “Wearing a Bike Helmet – Reason #2

  1. General Motors Company dude … let me get this straight.

    You’re in Nairobi. You’re driving … probably an SUV. You see a cyclist. You’re an observant fellow. You notice he has one leg. So you now you pull out your camera and snap a picture.

    Did you offer him a ride?

    Gary good to hear from you, next time strap a camera to your bike, see if you can keep up to him and then interview this hero for us :)

  2. Hey Graham, hilarious post! Great photos. Glad you survived the murderous attack. Maybe it’s time we all started wearing helmets 24/7. There’s humming birds in my garden … who knows when a group of them will gang up and attack?

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