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I think it should be fairly self evident from the last week of posts and a quick back-and-forth with King And Ottawa that cycling on main roads is a big issue for local cyclists and for those who want to cycle.

It so happens that while all this was going on we were contacted through the contact page by a regional employee who organizes local CANBIKE sessions throughout the region.

See the signup page for details.

There are precious few details on the Region’s website, but I guess an accurate description of the program can be viewed at the CANBIKE website.

Has anyone been on this program? In particular the CANBIKE 2 Advanced? Is it something that you would have spent $150 on before you were adept riders already?

2 thoughts on “Waterloo Region CANBIKE

  1. Rob:

    I have taken the CAN-BIKE 2 course and it did improve my confidence levels while cycling in traffic considerably, and I had already been riding on the roads for several years all year round prior to taking the course. I must also state that I am a CAN-BIKE instructor also, but am not certified to teach the CAN-BIKE 2 course, so I have no financial incentive to promote this course.

  2. I’m not sold on CAN-Bike…At least from the cities I have read/heard it from.

    Someone I know who moved to Vancouver last year took it and couldn’t believe they wasted their money.
    The instructor was more interested in what cyclists should wear while cycling (ie. brightly coloured vests, helmets etc.) as well as not allowing them to ride their one-speed, then actually giving proper skills…Of course this simply could have been a bad instructor.

    I recall reading a few years ago from Calgary that most in the course couldn’t keep up with the instructor, as he rode one of those ‘tour’ bikes and would be going 35km/h+, while most were just starting out or preferred going at a more casual pace…Again, a bad instructor.?.

    This is just the perspective I have. It could be that I happened to read peoples bad experiences…I recall Bill Bean has talked about it before in a positive light, but for myself, I can find better use for $150.

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