When worlds collide – Car vs Biker

When someone yells at you from their car do you have a strategy?

When someone yells or honks, how have you reacted? How did the driver then react? Let’s hear some stories from Waterloo’s cyclists!

What kind of rider are you?

5 thoughts on “When worlds collide – Car vs Biker

  1. Hilarious options! I usually give them a big smile and yell “Thank you!” – confuses the hell out of them, as most of them are dim-witted to start with. My hope is that I leave them thinking “WTF?” until their brains start to ache.

    I always resist the huge temptation to race after them and confront them. I keep in mind what some other guy said “I’ve never seen a confrontation between cyclist and driver that ended well.”

    That said, I fully intend to start wearing a helmet cam on my commute, and to press charges against homicidal idiots. For example, a couple of days ago I was crossing on a green, in a pedestrian crossing (where bikes are allowed), slowly, with another cyclist and 2 pedestrians. A motorist had come across the light on the red and then stopped with his front wheels in the marked pedestrian crossing. Bad enough. But then to make it worse, he was coasting forward, into the pedestrian crossing, WHILE TEXTING. I yelled at him loud enough for him to hear through his closed window, and he looked up, looking about as intelligent as a guppy, and finally hit his brakes. If I had not yelled so loudly, he could have easily hit me or one of the other people who were legally crossing on a green in a pedestrian crossing. Boy, did I regret not having a helmet cam running!

  2. I should make blowing kisses my first instinct unfortunately for me it’s the bronx salute. I like the ‘call me’ one as well. A few times I’ve taken swipes at car trunks to get a drivers attention (again I wouldn’t recommend these).

    I’ve read that a few cyclists keep a few bolts in their pockets for select cars, I understand where they are coming from but a few of these would definitely escalate and as a cyclist we’re in a lose lose situation when it comes to confronting cars.

  3. The slow clap arouses anger, especially if you can do it for something you just saw and weren’t a part of. I haven’t been honked at or yelled at in a long time come to think of it…

  4. Ok – It became personal, got honked at this morning!

    It was insta-rage and I muttered F@#$’er and didn’t use any of the above strategies. Now I was crossing an intersection on a green and a car behind me was turning right and obviously I wasn’t fast enough for them or they knew me from somewhere.

    Since I was accelerating my hands were fixed on my handlebars …. need that backpack from Take the Lane – http://therecord.blogs.com/take_the_lane/2011/05/how-to-talk-to-motorists.html

  5. I would have stopped got off my bike glanced at the rear of my bike and waved at him in appreciation for pointing out that my rear reflector was loose. By the time I get back on my bike, the light is red for me again. And he also gets to wait and reflect on his behaviour.

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