Nifty Gadget: Cog turned bottle opener

As many of you guessed last week’s Nift Gadget post was a bottle opener found at Toronto’s One of a Kind show.

It’s being used to pry open a seriously good beer by Flying Monkeys called Hoptical Illusion. It’s got a pretty unique taste that now ranks as a personal top 5 beer ( I can’t bring myself to declare a singular favourite).

Flying Monkeys - Hoptical Illusion

Being relatively new to the cycling blogosphere I’ve been bumping into cycling related ‘stuff’ aka ‘cool junk’ all over the place. On my union mandated coffee break I saw this ‘must-have’ mirror.  Much to my dismay it’s already been banished to the side door with threats that it would look perfect in the shed.

Chain Mirror

What’s your treasured cycling artifact?