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I just got back from a transportation open-house at a City facilities building on Lexington Court. The subject was bicycle transportation along Columbia/Lexington between King and Davenport. For those who were dying to go, but just couldn’t make it, I’ll tell you what I know.

First, some framework. This open house was a presentation of recommendations by City Engineers and Consultants. It’s not a final plan by a long shot and still subject to lots more scrutiny before any shovels hit asphalt.

Here are a few of the graphics presented. I scanned as well as I could. The paper handed out by the city does not fit into a human sized scanner.

The scans are as good a summary as I could paraphrase, so read them as the city wrote them. I found the problem statement and alternatives charts particularly interesting.

I was happy to find out this information and hob-knob with the experts on the subject of traffic engineering. It was pretty fascinating to talk with them about the alternatives and the challenges.

I was also able to mention my own agenda in conversation and later by comment card. I always hated how the path by Forwell Creek and down Forwell Creek Road dumps me onto the wrong side of Lexington with no way to get across when I’m travelling east. It would be great to get two way cycling facilities for that stretch of Lexington to Davenport on the north side of the street.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the recommended road diet if it is approved. I think widening the road would only speed traffic up, and that’s definitely moving in the wrong direction for the stretch between Marsland and Davenport. Speeds are already way too high.

Also, I really hope that whatever solution is approved will address bicycle use on the 85 overpass. Not carrying any improvements through all the way to Davenport would be a real shame and make the whole thing a bit academic to those of us on the east side of Waterloo.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I too have been mightily impressed with our thoughtful and highly professional regional staff who are designing our future city.

    The only reason I’d use that stretch of roadway would be to cycle to my dentist whose near Northfield and Davenport. Every time I have a dental appointment I need to schedule the use of our car. Maybe it’s about time to switch to one of the like 50 dentists who are within walking distance of uptown. Anyone have any recommendations?

  2. I sometimes work up past Conestoga Mall and settled on using Marsland -> Lexington -> Davenport to sneak past the heavier traffic on King Street… my only concern on that stretch was the speed that most people drove, seemed like 70 was the average. I’ve often wondered why the trails up that way aren’t paved. Personally I think segregated cycle facilities are better but I don’t really oppose the road diet if it includes cycling lanes, but I’d like to see more money spent on paving and linking existing trails in the city, the Iron Horse seems to be the most successful bicycle infrastructure in the area… but at least they are thinking of us cyclists now.

  3. That’s a great post! I gave up on Lexington the 2nd time I got tagged by a mirror. I now take this route to work in the morning: . Supersafe route if you ride the sidewalk (I know I know…) along King Street. I actually go through the old Waterloo BMW location by Waterloo more Inn (google maps won’t let me force a line through)

  4. I’ve had some close calls on Lexington, especially on the bridge. Now I get my ass right in the middle of the lane as I cross. Once a car has to cross the dashed lines, they are usually willing to give lots of space.

    BTW, we are not ideologues here. Sidewalk riding is a reasonable response to current riding conditions in Waterloo. I ride a bunch of sidewalk myself on my way to work.

  5. I have been taking Lexington but riding on the sidewalk from davenport, then cutting through the neighbourhood down to blue springs drive, then across king and into waterloo inn parking lot. It is usually pretty quiet.

    I used to have a problem with riding the sidewalk, but in this area, I rarely come across someone actually walking, and it does feel a lot better going across the 85 bridge. Funny, it looks like a few of us do almost the exact same commute. Anyways it is good to see that the city might do something about this route.

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