The Googles, they do nothing!

Common Bike Rack at the Tannery Building

The story of our bike rack at work, or so we thought.  I work in the same building as other businesses like Desire2Learn, now Google and others, but  I work for Communitech. Our original bike rack for the Tannery dwellers was at first made up of those basic steel racks that you find in front of shopping malls and other general places of business, meant for outside use really. They worked just fine. Then one day I came in and found all of these wonderfully mounted red tire hangers you see to the right here. A neat improvement and a certain hit with the regulars. There are only really a few of us that cycle through the winter, so they have larger gone unnoticed, but I am sure feedback will come when spring and summer hit.

Fast forward about 3 months and over the Christmas break, a new beast is installed. Boy, we are excited when it first arrives! Big! Blue! Lockable! Adjustable! Everything you could ever want! Can’t wait to apply to get a key for this awesomeness! Check out the pics!

Big and Blue!
Secure! Seriously awesome. Look at the security camera. In fact, there are two of them and a lockable door with swipe card access!!
Moveable pedal holders for neat vertical integration!













So the first day the door was unlocked. Awesome. Had to tried it out, right? Put my bike in there and was thoroughly impressed with myself and the rack. Excellent. Now where do I get that passcard or key?

What the?

The sign on the left says “Sorry for any inconvenience, As of tomorrow January 7, 2011 Bike Space will be locked and is for Google Employees ONLY. PLEASE REMOVE YOUR BIKES”. In case you weren’t sure, they added a second sign. Colourful though.


I happened to run in to a Google employee the other day and he was actually quite embarrased of the whole situation and how exclusionary it seems to be. We do have perfectly acceptable spaces for our bikes, so I can’t be too upset. He said when they asked the employees before they moved there what they wanted for bikes, they suggested something secure and inside. That was it. What they got was the big cage. He said he would be happy with the racks we use and thought it was overkill what they received. Funny thing though, he doesn’t seem to park his bike with the rest of us common folk.

6 thoughts on “The Googles, they do nothing!

  1. I also work in the Tannery and have been biking this winter (you may recognize my flying pigeon locked up).

    I am presented with a rather odd problem where my bike doesn’t fit on the red bike hangers that us common folk get. I asked google if I could lock my bike up in their cage for the winter (since it is empty anyways) and they said no since it was for google employees only. So I am stuck having to lock my bike to the big empty cage around their bike hangers :)

    1. Hey Gord! I’ll be sure to say Hi if I see you, but you are often there before I am and leave after me! Either I work to little or you work too much! I do see your awesome bike though locked to the cage. I thought your bike might not be compatible as I had noticed it never in the rack. I’m getting something new in the spring and I can only hope it works with the rack.

      What makes yours not compatible?

      1. The pigeon has metal fenders which make it so the wheel can’t fit in the slot to hold it up, the one bar holding the fender on is in the way of the rack.

        I am not too happy with where I have to lock it but it should only be for the winter as I will ride my road bike during the summer.

  2. Awesome that you guys have indoor bike parking in the winter. My chain and derailleur is a serious mess right now. I hope it makes it to the spring!

    1. A part of me is looking forward to spring, however I dread the massive clean up my bike needs.
      I spent 20 minutes a few days ago just to clear all the crap out of my gears so they would change properly.

  3. Good for Google for adding the bike racks, however it’s kind of cheap of them to limit them to only Google employees.

    Personally I don’t at all like the red hanging ones. Unless I had a specific bike for riding in, my current one wouldn’t fit in them. I have a huge front basket and a rear pannier basket plus it looks like my front fender would interfere with the rack.

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