Greatest Driving Subsidy

Some really disturbing news has broken at The Record today. (Bill Bean at Take the Lane also commented on the news.)

Do you remember the story of a cyclist killed by a motorist on University Ave. near Westmount last September? I had not heard more since that initial story broke 4 months ago. I assumed that justice was swift and the killer had been behind bars since then.

Well, it turns out that charges were first laid today and the list of charges are ludicrously underwhelming for us cyclists. The charge related to actually hitting and killing the cyclist is careless driving (check the description vs. the more serious dangerous driving). It’s the same charge you would get if you hit a telephone pole. Fine from 400-2000 dollars. Jail time is possible, but not likely.

The guy has also been charged with two offences related to driving without a licence and holding a licence obtained under an assumed name. These charges are not related to hitting and killing Tiberiu Alexandru David on September 1, but were discovered as a result of the investigation. They also show the driver’s history of contempt for the rules of the road before that day.

Cheap oil, taxpayer maintained infrastructure, free parking uptown – the biggest subsidy going for automobile drivers today is not paying the full price for their serious, sometimes deadly mistakes.

Frankly, I feel a little less well protected today than I did yesterday.

5 thoughts on “Greatest Driving Subsidy

  1. I don’t think I’ll ever understand our “justice” system in this country.

    You have the Feds who want to build these massive jails/prisons for petty crimes, yet we can’t start handing out harsher sentences for careless driving?

    There was a quote I read a few years back from a NYC cyclist…”Want to kill someone and get away with it? Get in the drivers seat”.

    The one thing that gets my blood boiling are these people who drive drunk, kill someone then get a 2-year driving bad and perhaps a couple of months in jail (which usually comes down to nothing because of “time served”.
    Look at the case in BC where the woman (drunk driver) killed a young child, actually gets sentenced then has the nerve to appeal it.

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